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Overview of Kheirbook project

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  1. 1. Donators Organization Organization Organization Organization Organization ? Other donators Lots of charitable organizations Unequal distribution of help Donator confused: -Lots of choices - Ways of help not always clear CURRENT SITUATION
  2. 2. First interactive gateway for charitable work DESCRIPTION IN 5 WORDS
  3. 3. Reducing poverty by helping charitable organizations How? By unlocking more resources By better matching resources & needs OBJECTIVE IN 5 WORDS From existing donators From less visible donators
  4. 4. 5TARGETS 11 22 33 44 55 Target every segment of society Increase awareness of gravity of poverty Increase awareness of importance of other resources Facilitate ways to give Diffuse the culture of giving, as a regular activity
  5. 5. QUICK Donators OrganizationBetter assessment of needs Better assessment of resources Better matching MISSION
  6. 6. Entering of user’s relevant details, address Assessment of resources Detailed activity Detailed location PROPOSED STRUCTURE OF DATABASE
  7. 7. Creation of website Diffusion of website Updating of database PHASES OF PROJECT
  8. 8. WHAT WILL BE DIFFERENT? InteractiveQuick, direct User-friendly Crossroad of several data Targets everyone Attractive
  9. 9. “It’s for me” > adapted to age group, status.. “Knows my schedule/availability” “Knows my ability to give” WHAT WE WANT THE USER TO FEEL
  10. 10. • Modern • Attractive • Innovative Could be mix of different media types in creative ways GRAPHICS
  11. 11. Two types of using website:  For giving purpose  For leisure purpose (still need to find ideas) How to make website more alive? Visited more frequently? True stories, Photo shoots, Daily life slideshows, Quotes, Statistics… USES OF WEBSITE Regular donations Occasional donations
  12. 12. Easy to use database for all charity work Larger donator database: unlock bigger resources Better serving charity organizations OUTCOME OF THE PROJECT BETTER SERVING SOCIETY.
  13. 13. Data collection Gathering information directly from charity organizations Gathering information online Processing of information Pinpointing information on map Computerize information Creation of website Programming Web design Graphics Keeping website alive Brainstorming for ideas Brainstorming about art/literature to increase public awareness of poverty problem HELP NEEDED IN..