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Case Study: New Balance Nationals


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Case study on Almighty & New Balance's collaboration in support of the New Balance Nationals track meets, presented on December 4, 2012 at the Digiday Brand Summit in Deer Valley, Utah

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Case Study: New Balance Nationals

  1. 1. Hello.We’re Stacey Howe & Ian Fitzpatrick.From New Balance & Almighty. Almighty + New Balance / 2012 Digiday Brand Summit
  2. 2. OUR STORYWe’re here because our teamsbuilt the first nationalchampionship event to play outlive in social channels.It’s a really good story.
  3. 3. OUR STORYYou almost never get to watchbrand perceptions change rightin front of you.
  4. 4. How could we take ownership of a premiere event from Nike,and build brand awareness & sentiment among an audience we can’t directly market to? Almighty + New Balance / 2012 Digiday Brand Summit
  5. 5. How could we continue to drive strong associations between the New Balance brand and technology - and raise the bar for ourselves in the process? Almighty + New Balance / 2012 Digiday Brand Summit
  6. 6. EXECUTION We let every athlete connect their bib # to their Facebook profile, and set some simple rules.Almighty + New Balance / 2012 Digiday Brand Summit
  7. 7. EXECUTION For three days, everything they did on the track found its way to the people who care the most about them.Almighty + New Balance / 2012 Digiday Brand Summit
  8. 8. EXECUTION We connected start times and start lists to trigger posts notifying athletes’ networks minutes before they would appear on the live stream.Almighty + New Balance / 2012 Digiday Brand Summit
  9. 9. EXECUTION We tagged athletes’ finish photos, SmileBooth photos and race videos, so that their networks could share the experience.Almighty + New Balance / 2012 Digiday Brand Summit
  10. 10. EXECUTION We posted their results to their streams in real-time.Almighty + New Balance / 2012 Digiday Brand Summit
  11. 11. EXECUTION And we built profile pages that contained all their content, across multiple meets, that they can access anytime.Almighty + New Balance / 2012 Digiday Brand Summit
  12. 12. EXECUTIONOur role was to amplify what theseathletes already do, not to changetheir behavior.
  13. 13. EXECUTION This kind of engagement andproduction requiresongoing management and facilitation.
  14. 14. EXECUTIONKids will connect, but they need acompelling reason to do it.
  15. 15. INDOORS: NEW YORK, NY RESULTS We’ve done this together four times:OUTDOORS: GREENSBORO, NC Twice indoors, Twice outdoors. Almighty + New Balance / 2012 Digiday Brand Summit
  16. 16. RESULTS With 3000 athletes competing over 3 days, we average: 137k page visits to the Facebook page 233k photo views 40k event video views 5000 photos in our SmileboothAlmighty + New Balance / 2012 Digiday Brand Summit
  17. 17. CONNECTCOMPETECOMPARE See how you stack up against RESULTSTrackster keeps yourNB Nationals Outdoor friends, competitors, and history.achievements at your Easily share your photos, videosfingertips. and official race results. Grab friends and strike a pose in In the first 12 months after our first the photobooth. The photos will be uploaded to your profile for you to share. Keep your fans back home Nationals activation: More than connected with live video feed and race results auto-posted to your Facebook wall. 35,000 new likes of the page and aGET TRACKING ATNBTRACKSTER.COM seeds of a small community that will help to launch a larger one. Almighty + New Balance / 2012 Digiday Brand Summit
  18. 18. RESULTS By creating content for both athletes and their families & friends at home, we added value for both participant & spectator.Almighty + New Balance / 2012 Digiday Brand Summit
  19. 19. RESULTSThe success of this event is aboutthe athlete as participant in asocial experience, not just theaudience or a source of content.
  20. 20. “An observation from someone who knows the challenges of covering this meet inside and out: The integrationof results, photos, videos, Facebook postings, FB wall comments, athlete activities outside of competition (likehanging with friends in Smilebooth etc) at this meet is light years ahead of anything else being done out thererelated to track meets, or even, Id venture, any major sporting event. Cutting edge. Credit to New Balance forcreating a 360-degree experience that sets the bar. This story should be a must-read for the USATF andothers.”- Dave Devine, former editor of ESPN DyeStat and USATF official
  21. 21. RESULTSWe were able to acquire ownership ofthe overall event footprint, not justthe venue.
  22. 22. RESULTS We set out to elevate the value of participation. The athletes ran with it, adding value to the brand story.Almighty + New Balance / 2012 Digiday Brand Summit