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American culture


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American culture

  1. 1. In U.S., work environment is both professional and causal as well.Schedules are flexible, and the atmosphere is informal .Employees are treated as equals, and independent views are welcomedAmerican work culture involves a lot of meetings.These meetings need not deal with big decisions, but are more like discussions.Opinions and ideas are shared, and objections are made.
  2. 2. An "aloha shirt," popular in Hawaii and temperate western statesApart from professional business attire, fashion in the US is `stylish andinformal.While Americans diverse cultural roots are reflected in their clothing,cowboyhats and boots and leather motorcycle jackets are related to American style.Blue jeans were popularized as work clothes in the 1850s, they are worn in everystate by people of all ages and social classes.Blue jeans are arguably U.S. cultures primary contribution to global fashion.
  3. 3. Education in the United States is provided mainly by government, with controland funding coming from three levels: federal, state, and local.School attendance is mandatory and nearly universal at the elementary and highschool levels.Among the countrys adult population, over 85 percent have completed highschool and 27 percent have received a bachelors degree or higher.
  4. 4. American attitudes towards drugs and alcoholic beverages have evolved considerablyIn the 19th century, alcohol was readily available and consumed, and no lawsrestricted the use of other drugs.Since 1980, the trend has been toward greater restrictions on alcohol and drug use.However, focus has been to criminalize behaviors related with alcohol, rather thanattempt to prohibit consumption.New York was the first state to enact tough drunk-driving laws in 1980; since thenall other states have followed suit.
  5. 5. Television is one of the major mass media of the United States.Ninety-seven percent of American households have at least one television setand the majority of households have more than three.The U.S. can be said to be the homeland of modern network television
  6. 6. American music can be heard all over the world.Live music is especially popular with bands and solo artists.American popular music also contains many styles of music that developedin the United States and were popular music when they came up.Examples are hip-hop, House Music, Techno Music, swing, jazz, blues,country, R&B, Rock & Roll, Rock, Metal, pop and various others.