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Ngữ nghĩa synonymy and lexical variants


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Ngữ nghĩa synonymy and lexical variants

  1. 1. 1. Trinh Kim Oanh 2. Nguyen Thi Mai Huong 3. Tran Thi Mai Anh 4. Pham Ngoc Anh 5. Le Thu Thao 6. Pham Quynh Chi 7. Vu Thi Lien 8. Hoang Thu Thao 9. Le Minh Trang
  2. 2. Contents: 1.Synonymy a.Definition b.Types 2.Lexical variants
  3. 3. Synonymy a.Definition of synonymy Synonymy is the relationship between two words that have same sense Synonym is the word of the same parts of speech which have similar meaning but not identical meanings
  4. 4. Synonymy Examples of synomyms: Big – large Happy – glad Father – dad Flat - apartment
  5. 5. Synonymy b. Types of synomys Absolute (total) synonyms  Semantic synonyms  Stylistic synonyms  Semantic – stylistic synonyms Noun - substantive Glance – look Mother – mom – mommy  House – shack – slum
  6. 6. Synonymy Do - make Football - soccer Die – pass away  Phraseological synonyms  Territorial synonyms  Euphemisms
  7. 7. Lexical variants Lexical variants for one are just examples of free variation language, in so far as they not conditioned by the contextual environment but are the optional with speaker. (from the textbook) Lexical variants is the differences in words or phrases, by comparing the way English is spoken in different places. (general understanding)
  8. 8. Lexical variants Example of lexical variants: “Again” can be pronunced /∂gein/ or /∂gen/ “Economical” and “Economy”