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Municipality Risk Management


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Municipality Risk Management Framework

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Municipality Risk Management

  1. 1. Risk Management Policy Operational Risk Management Authored by: Mayfair Business Consultants: Farhad Sethi, Fahad Zafar & Abdur RehmanThis document was developed to facilitate Operational Risk Management at Bahria Town Lahore & Rawalpindi.
  2. 2. RISK MANAGEMENT POLICYA. PURPOSE a) The purpose of this document is to set out the Bahria Town’s Risk Management Policy and amongst other things it includes the following:  Objectives of our risk management policy;  Definitions of relevant terms;  Principles of risk management;  Risk Tolerance;  Risk Framework;  Assurance. b) Risk Management in the Bahria Town provides a framework to identify, asses and manage potential risks and opportunities. It provides a way for managers to make informed management decisions. c) Effective Risk Management affects everyone in the Bahria Town. To ensure a widespread understanding, Executive Management and all administrative managers should be familiar with, and all staff and councilors are aware of, the principles set out in this document.B. OBJECTIVES a) The objectives of this Risk Management Policy is to assist management to make informed decisions which will;  Improve the Bahria Town’s performance on decision making and planning;  Promote a more innovative, less risk averse culture in which the taking of calculated risks in pursuit of opportunities to benefit the Bahria Town is encouraged;  Provide a sound basis for integrated risk management and internal control as components of good corporate governance. Bahria Town | Confidential
  3. 3. RISK MANAGEMENT POLICY b) The improvements and benefits which effective Risk Management should provide are;  An increased likelihood of achieving the organization’s aims, objectives and priorities;  Prioritizing the allocation of resources;  Giving an early warning of potential problems; and  Providing everyone with the skills to be confident risk takers.C. DEFINITIONS a) The Bahria Town’s Risk Management Policy is formed around the Executive Committee’s understanding of Risk Management, Risk, Corporate Risk and Operational Risk.D. SPECIFIC PRINCIPLES a) The principles contained in this policy and strategy will be applied at both corporate and operational levels within the Bahria Town. b) The Bahria Town’s Risk Management Policy and Strategy will be applied to all operational aspects of the Bahria Town and will consider external strategic risks arising from or related to other government Bahria Town’s and the public, as well as wholly internal risks. c) Our positive approach to risk management means that we will not only look at the risk of things going wrong, but also the impact of not taking opportunities or not capitalizing on corporate strengths. Bahria Town | Confidential
  4. 4. RISK MANAGEMENT POLICYE. GENERAL PRINCIPLES a) All risk management activities will be aligned to corporate aims, objectives and the Bahria Town priorities, and aims to protect and enhance the reputation and standing of the Bahria Town. b) Risk analysis will form part of the Bahria Town strategic planning, business planning and investment appraisal procedures. c) Risk management will be founded on a risk-based approach to internal control which will be embedded into day to day operations of the Bahria Town. d) Our risk management approach will inform and direct our work to gain an assurance on the reliability of the Bahria Town systems. e) Managers and staff at all levels will have the responsibility to identify, evaluate and manage or report risks, and will be equipped to do so. f) We will foster a culture which provides for spreading best practice, lessons learnt and expertise acquired from our risk management activities across the Bahria Town for the benefit of the entire Bahria Town.F. MANAGING RISKS a) Risk Management in the Bahria Town should be proactive and reasoned. Corporate and operational risks should be identified, objectively assessed, and, where this is the appropriate response, actively managed. Bahria Town | Confidential
  5. 5. RISK MANAGEMENT POLICY b) The aim is to anticipate, and where possible, avoid risks rather than dealing with their consequences. However, for some Key areas where the likelihood of a risk occurring is relatively small, but the impact is high, we may cover that risk by developing Contingency Plans. For an example, we must develop Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and or Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP). This will allow us to contain the negative effect of unlikely events which might occur. c) In determining an appropriate response, the cost of control/risk management, and the impact of risks occurring will be balanced with the benefits of reducing and or managing risk. This means that we should not necessarily set up and monitor controls to counter risks where the cost and effort are disproportionate to the impact or expected benefits. d) We also recognize that some risks can be managed by transferring them to a third party, for example by contracting out, Public Private Partnership arrangements, or by insurance.G. RESPONSIBILITIES a) The total process of risk management, which includes a related system of internal controls, is the responsibility of the Risk Manager of Bahria Town. Management is accountable to the Risk Manager for designing, implementing and monitoring the process of risk management and integrating it into the day to day activities of the Bahria Town. Management is also accountable to the Risk Manager for providing assurance that it has done so. The internal audit function should be used to provide independent assurance in relation to management’s assertions surrounding the effectiveness of risk management and internal control. b) Although management may appoint a Chief Risk Officer to assist in the execution of the risk management process, the accountability to the Risk Manager remains with management and should be the responsibility of every employee. The risk management Bahria Town | Confidential
  6. 6. RISK MANAGEMENT POLICY process does not reside in any one individual or function but requires an inclusive team- based approach for effective application across the Bahria Town. c) To assist him/her in the discharge of his/ her duties and responsibilities, the Risk Manager may appoint a dedicated ‘Risk Committee’ to review the risk management process and the significant risks facing the Bahria Town. d) This Risk Committee should consider the risk strategy and policy and should monitor the process at operational level and the reporting thereon. It should consider the results of the risk management and internal control processes and the disclosure in the annual report. e) Internal audit should not assume the functions, systems and processes of risk management but should assist the Risk Manager and management in the monitoring of the risk management process.H. RISK TOLERANCE a) The Risk Manager and management should encourage the taking of controlled risks, the grasping of new opportunities and the use of innovative approaches to further the interests of the Bahria Town and achieve its objectives provided the resultant exposures are within the Bahria Town’s risk tolerance range. b) The Bahria Town’s Risk Tolerance can be defined by reference to the following components.  Acceptable risks  All personnel should be willing and able to take calculated risks to achieve their own and the Bahria Towns objectives and to benefit the Bahria Town. The associated risks of proposed actions and decisions should be properly identified, evaluated and managed to ensure that exposures are acceptable.  Within the Bahria Town, particular care is needed in taking any action which could; Bahria Town | Confidential
  7. 7. RISK MANAGEMENT POLICY  Impact on the reputation of the Bahria Town;  Impact on performance;  Result in penalties by regulatory bodies;  Result in financial loss.  Any threat or opportunity which has a sizeable potential impact on any of the above should be examined, its exposures defined and it should be discussed with the appropriate line manager. Where there is significant potential impact and high likelihood of occurrence it should be referred to the Risk Committee.  Prohibited Risk Areas  Bahria Town policies and guidelines should show if there are any mandatory processes and procedures which should be duly complied. Full compliance with these standards is required and confirmation of compliance will be sought in the Bahria Town’s annual report. Non compliance with prescribed procedures constitutes an unacceptable risk.  Some risks are acceptable provided the prescribed organizational process is followed, e.g. expenditure proposals, staff recruitment, and designated responsibilities are adhered to.I. RISK FRAMEWORK a) The Bahria Town will maintain a ‘Corporate Risk Profile’ as a basis for Implementing and monitoring the risk management activities. This profile will include details of the Impact and Likelihood of each of the risks identified, indicate ownership, responsibility and specify an Action Plan for treatment. This will be reviewed and updated yearly. Progress of the risk management program will be a standing Executive management meeting agenda item. Bahria Town | Confidential
  8. 8. RISK MANAGEMENT POLICY b) To help to meet their responsibilities to identify, evaluate and manage operational risks, Administrative Managers should maintain:  An Area Risk profile which details the priority (Impact and Likelihood) and ownership within the Area;  A risk management action plan;  Evidence of regular reviews and monitoring of the profile and action plan, e.g. minutes of Risk Committee meetings.J. ASSURANCE a) The use of this risk management approach should help to identify areas of great concern for a detailed review. b) The Corporate Risk Profile will assist Internal Audit Function to direct its limited resources to those areas of great concern. For the corporate risks identified by management, internal audit will evaluate the effectiveness of the existing controls and risk management responses. The internal audit assurance will include an assessment of the reliability and effectiveness of the Bahria Town’s overall Risk Management program. APPROVED BY: Bahria Town | Confidential