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  1. 1. My Presentation Me And My Pets By Michael Myles
  2. 2. My Pets Throughout my life, I have had many different pets from fish to parrots. Out of all these pets the two main types that have had an impact on my life and my future were the birds and dogs which I have had and looked after in the past and also the present. These animals have made me who I am and shaped my current ambitions since I was young.
  3. 3. Everyone's Pets People usually buy pets because they feel power over them, not in a bad way but in a way that the owner feels in control of how their pets life shall turn out and the ways that pet reacts, likes or dislikes something. I am talking about the nurturing side of socialisation with pets, because I think that’s what matters the most when it comes to domestic pets and their behaviour. Pets can be to let their owners into certain social groups or so they can fit in better with groups their already in. This may be just a certain friendship group at a place like a dog grooming shop or even at certain animal conventions where people can get together and have something in common to talk about. Sometimes this group may be something to do with a persons sexuality or class and want to express it through having a pet of a certain species and breed.
  4. 4. Stereotypical owners Some people are judged by the pet they own or want. For example, someone may be ridiculed and questioned about his sexuality if they owned a dog like a poodle because of the fact people think that small fluffy dogs are something a woman would want and not a man. This is not true and is just a stereotype but has lead people into having second thoughts about the pets they own and getting something to fit in such as a man with a Rotweiler or Pit-bull would be seen as tough and burly and therefore wouldn’t be mocked. But this can lead to the pet suffering due to an owner that doesn’t really want it; this can lead to the dog to becoming an anti-social character and show aggression and dislike to people.
  5. 5. Everyone’s Pets Pets can display a persons identity as if it were a mirror image. If a pet – particularly cats and dogs – are bought at a young age, they learn from their owner like we do from our parents when we’re young. They will behave in a similar way, interact and socialise like their parents from observational learning.
  6. 6. My Childhood Birds When I was fairly young, my Dad had several Aviaries which were full of different species of birds. I helped look after these birds with their feeding. The main bird which I had was named Jacko; he was a ring necked parakeet and we kept him as a house bird instead of outside because he was unique. He was not a parrot and yet copied things you say, and as I was The ring necked parakeet only young this amazed me and I spent a lot of time with him letting him out his cage and watching him fly around and vandalise the ornaments.
  7. 7. My Childhood Birds Birds are seen as pets which would only be kept in couples or maybe just a few at once and not over fifty at one time. I think I would have preferred to have not as many birds as we did because of the time and effort needed to look after them. Most people who look after a pet feel in control of them due to the responsibility you have over their life; but when you have so many birds in one place, its hard to keep track of each one individually and this makes it hard to make sure they all get equal shares of attention food and care overall.
  8. 8. Birds People think birds to be any sort of persons pet and this is true, but some people would think the owner would have to be certain stereotypes. For Example, you wouldn’t imagine a large bulky man to love birds, but its true. Geoff Capes was Uk’s best Shot put at one time and is also a well known Budgie breeder. Budgies are small little birds, like in the picture in the corner (that’s Geoff Capes with his little companions).
  9. 9. My Dogs My dogs were probably the main pets which I had that influenced me. I had a Yorkshire Terrier named ‘Philippas Princess’ (Pip for short). She was named after my sister. My parents had her a year before I was born and she lived until I was 14. This was quite an achievement for a Yorkie. She had to be put down due to a broken leg, but when the Vet was trying to help Pip with her leg. This is the first time I’d seen a Vet and I was amazed at how they treated her so nicely and I wanted to be just like him. This is where my ambitions of becoming a Vet first came from, and ever since – even before this – I have had a key interest in animals.
  10. 10. Small Dogs Most people see small dogs as ‘cute and cuddly’ and buy them for these reason and to show of to their friends. Due to media and the way they look, small dogs such as Yorkies and Toy poodles have certain stereotypes about them, such as it’s a girl’s dog or it’s an upper class sort of dog (like Paris Hiltons dog). These stereotypes aren't always true though, because animals don’t have certain tastes for an owner and the owner has a choice of what species he wants to choose.
  11. 11. The Media’s Input Celebrities and the media play a large role in the choices people make when buying a pet. The news shows many stories about a ‘Rabid Rotweiler’ or ‘Ferocious Snake’. But what they don’t say is the reason the pet behaves like this. This leads to people thinking all Rotweiler or snakes are aggressive and attack on site, but that is not the case and any animal species can be passive or calm, depending on how they are brought up. Even then, dogs were natural pack animals and therefore people who say it is in their nature to attack are wrong because if an animal has a human owner and have a good social life with that owner and their family, it will see human as part of the pack – and would only show aggression when tempered, threatened or maybe if their owner is in trouble, they will defend.
  12. 12. Dog Shows I certainly don’t believe in dog shows and pet shows such as crufts because they provoke owners to make their pet act in a certain way whether they want to or not. This is not what having a pet is for and goes against what you should really do and what the pet would like to do as well. These shows prevent pets from playing because of ‘training’ and their owner is too busy to play and let their pet enjoy itself. I may be wrong, some pets may love this fancy nonsense but in my opinion, a playful creature like a dog would want to play, not walk around as a show off ornament for their owner. Nature and Nurture play a big roll in how pets and all animals act and behave throughout their life. It affects what's right and wrong to them. Pets are usually brought up like their owner, but if the owner is not a posh person such as the people in Crufts, then the dog would not fit in either and be excluded from that social group.
  13. 13. Bruno My relationships with my pets were always fairly strong, but Bruno the Boxer was by far my favourite. We had him since he was a pup from our relatives litter of puppies and he gradually grew larger than his own mother. I used to play Tug-o-War with him using the hose pipe in the back garden. Even when he was getting older he was still mischievous and playful. Bruno was the reason I am so interested in animals and want to help them for a living as I get older because of how kind and caring they are and how much fun the offer to their families. I value Bruno so much because of his effect to me and my life and also because he was the only ‘big dog’ my family has had since I can remember.
  14. 14. Big Dogs People would expect big dogs to be vicious and controlling, this isn't always the case. The common stereotype for the owner of a Staffordshire Terrier or maybe a Boxer is a large male – the sort of person who can control such a large dog –. This is clearly not true as dogs usually learn and get their behaviour aspects from their owner when they were young (if they were taken at an older age). My Nan and Granddad own a male Staffordshire Terrier. These dogs can become fierce on heat and can be tough overall, but my grandparents wouldn’t be able to stop him from running down a path or biting something, but they do because this dog (Velvet) is the calmest and simply the most foolish dog you’ll ever see. He does not attack children even when they are messing with his toys or food. Dogs can potentially become very territorial, especially males, with their food and belongings but this is in the wild they do this. People get worried about seeing a dog in the street without an owner but some domestic dogs are very passive and pleasant.
  15. 15. Snakes and Insects Some people cant imagine having an insect like a spider for a pet, but some people do – same with snakes and other reptiles -. Imagine the owner of a spider, scorpion or snake. You’d expect someone like Ozzy Osborne or Marylyn Manson to have these, but not everyone has to be a dark, shady character like this to own one. Snakes are subtle creatures who usually are kept for the responsibility and fascination of having a snake. They require unique food compared to what you would feed your dog or hamster, you would give it a mouse and even large rats for its dinner.
  16. 16. Insects And Snakes People like to have snakes and other pets like this because of their reputations. These pets are considered exotic and out-of-the-ordinary which makes people want one due to the fact its different and from ‘somewhere else’. This reflects Roger’s theory of the ideal self, and could reflect an idea that people buy pets, like clothes or accessories, to reflect the person they would like to be.
  17. 17. Pet Fish? Most people wouldn’t buy a pet goldfish because they would think it to be a waste of time and money, because of their short life time and how they cant really do much. Regardless of my interest in animals I just cant see a purpose in buying these fish or any fish because of the lack of things they can do. But people do buy fish, maybe to train themselves with the responsibility of having and caring for a pet or because of their calm, and natural aspects. Koi ponds are what many people dream of having in their garden because it offers solitude and a resting place where you can sit and think. I think this proves that, to me, pets are more than for show, they are to interact and communicate with.
  18. 18. Fish Fish are considered to be natural and calm creatures because they live in water which is seen to be calming like the sea. Goldfish are the main type of pet fish which people have. These were once bagged and gave out at carnivals and theme parks because to a young child, they are an animal they can keep. Out of all the species of animals, I actually have an extreme interest in fish compared to any others, because of the variety and the mysteries they hold in places like the Unknown abyss and the ocean but I would never have one as a pet because of the pets I have had before and the energetic behaviour of these past pets. I have a pet not to look at, but to look after and to play with. I think that pets are meant to be fun and not to be an ornament like Paris’ dog or a fish in a bowl.
  19. 19. The Ideal Self This plays into the ownership of a pet because people like to buy pets that resemble them and who they are and having a similar pet completes the person they want to be and they way they would like it. Some people don’t like having pets at all but think that a pet can help someone see who they are individually and how they may have changed from what they believed.
  20. 20. Overall Overall, I value all of my pets and even my friends and relatives pets which I know because of how they treat you as well as how important it is to treat them. In my opinion, I think I liked the responsibility of caring for a pet such as the birds or my dogs. These animals shaped my future aspirations for the better.