Wimba 3.0 Breakout Rooms & Learning Activities


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Wimba 3.0 Breakout Rooms & Learning Activities

  1. 1. Training pic
  2. 2. Wimba 3.0: Breakout Rooms& Learning ActivitiesLive Lecture Training Part 3
  3. 3. Can you hear me? • If yes, please select the button • If no, please select the button for assistance For technical support, To dial-in for audio by phone please call toll free (201) 549-7592 this is not a toll-free number (866) 693-2211 PIN: click the blue phone icon in the menu bar for your individual pin.
  4. 4. General Guidelines 1) Raise hand to ask a question or ask via text chat 2) Please only click when asked to volunteer
  5. 5. :00 Welcome & Introductions :10 Breakout RoomsAgenda -Preparation -Logistics -Learning activities & content :35 Interactive Websites :50 Questions & concerns? :55 Next step – Live Lecture Certification Course
  6. 6. BREAKOUT ROOMSBreak up the class into smaller units – Small group discussion – Student lead presentations – What else?PREPARATION – Review the Admin area settings – Consider changing the initial room count to 10
  7. 7. Picture of wimba classrom Content Frame Presenter Console Media BarText Chat Participant Area Area
  8. 8. BREAKOUT ROOM: LOGISTICS• click on the Breakout Room tab in the top right corner of the screen• just below the “Archive” button.• 2 options to move people – Automatic – Manual will be the default selection (bold)
  9. 9. Moving students manually1. Click the name & hold the mouse button down2. Drag the name to the room you wish to put the user in.3. Name appears listed under that break out room, instead of under the main room
  10. 10. Automatic move: 3 options• “Distribute to” will automatically and randomly distribute students evenly in to the number of breakout rooms selected in the drop box. – Max number available = half the number of students in the class (rounded down) so the smallest possible teams have 2 members.• “To main room” will automatically pull everyone back in to the main room.• “To last breakout room” will automatically put everyone in the room they were last in.
  11. 11. IN YOUR BREAKOUT ROOM1. Introduce yourself & share an experience or professor you loved from your education This may help to spark ideas for #2 1. Brainstorm on-campus learning activities that may be duplicated in online virtual class sessions •Think 5 minute time limit1. Select a “Note Taker” and a “Speaker”2. Bring 1 solution back to the group
  12. 12. What did you come up with?
  13. 13. Web-based activitiesA few suggestions
  14. 14. Adding content to a session folder
  15. 15. Add the type of content you want displayed Files Weblinks Poll question
  16. 16. Copy the weblink into the “add a URL” field Weblink
  17. 17. Change the title for display in Presenter’sConsole
  18. 18. Live Lecture CertificationA few quick assessments and you’re ready to roll!!
  19. 19. VCLT – Resources tab Group, Team & Committee Collaborative Work Areas
  20. 20. After completing the course…. Login to Lore.com to submit your scoresSeptember 7, 2012 Copyright Rasmussen, Inc. 2011. Proprietary and Confidential. 20
  22. 22. Contact InformationHeather ZinkHybrid Classroom Managerheather.zink@rasmussen.edu (email)twitter.com/zinkpath (twitter)facebook.com/heatherzink.at.rasonline (facebook)952-230-5068 (office) 937-308-2713 (cell) 09/07/12