Solving the World's Problems


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I tackle how to solve all the worlds problems. Not tongue in cheek.

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Solving the World's Problems

  1. 1. Big Questions Alternate Perspectives, Fall 2012 Heather Schlegel
  2. 2. “World Problems”• Pollution• Limited Resources• Global Warming• Rising Population• Water Crisis• Peak Oil• Economic Crisis• World Wide Catastrophe
  3. 3. Success
  4. 4. Appreciative Inquiry• The “Problem” of Species Success• What works when Success = Problems Principles 4-D Cycle• Constructivist Principle • (Define)• Poetic Principle • Discovery• Simultaneity Principle • Dream• Anticipatory Principle • Design• Positive Principle • Destiny
  5. 5. Constructivist Principal see the world as I am
  6. 6. “FIRST World Problems”• Pollution• Limited Resources• Global Warming• Rising Population• Water Crisis• Peak Oil• Economic Crisis Human• World Wide Catastrophe Guilt
  7. 7. Constructivist Principle see the world as I am• I Pollute• I use Limited Resources• I make the world warmer• I add to a Rising Population• I contribute to the Water Crisis• I encourage Peak Oil• I made Economic Crisis• I create World Wide Catastrophe
  8. 8. Poetic Principle what we focus on grows• That Laundry list of problems• Doom and Gloom media attitude• Negative Gravity• Celebrity Solutions• Overnight Success• BIG!• Armchair visionaries• Fear based Inaction• This assignment!
  9. 9. The Poetic Principle focusing on what we want to grow• Happiness• Baby Steps• Positive Reinforcement• Small Solutions• Practice• Ongoing success• Celebrations• Everyday people• Encouraged Experimentation
  10. 10. Simultaneity Principle inquire & change are simultaneous• We are already changing• Change in-flight• No beginning, no end• Unusual thinking• Take responsibility for creating the problems - What are they really?• This presentation!
  11. 11. Anticipatory Principle what we believe, we conceive• Pure, Fresh, Clean, Re-Newed World• Abundant Resources• Plentiful diverse economic exchanges• Supporting Self-Actualized Population• Comfortable Climate for Life• Curious Excitement• Positive Pioneering New Set of Problems• Ongoing Practice and Exploration
  12. 12. Positive Principle identify and leverage strengths• Communities• Science and Discovery• Open Communication, Sharing• Increasing Stability, Certainty• Transformation of raw to refined• All those good human emotions – Joy, Love, Compassion, Inspiration, Cooperation• Tenacious
  13. 13. Discover• What characteristics supported human success?• What is the positive core of the human being?• How has the human positively impacted the earth, world, the solar system, etc?
  14. 14. Dream• What is our purpose as humans?• What is the (our) vision? – Individual Perspective – Community/collective perspective – Species perspective – Objective perspective – External perspective
  15. 15. Design• Relationships and Organizations• Positive curiosity• Confident in human abilities
  16. 16. DestinyWhat will happen, is the only thing that could happen
  17. 17. Conclusionabundant problems, abundant solutions