A New Perspective, to solve the world's problems


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  • Photo by http://www.flickr.com/photos/ngader/What does it mean to say the human species is successful?
  • Teihard de Chardin’s Law of Complexity/Consciousness
  • Teihard de Chardin’s Law of Complexity/Consciousness
  • Within a balanced ecosystem, there is room for everythingWe live together in a system – ecosystemAnd we use many systems Inside these systems – there are many diverse, complimentary and adversary players inside these systems
  • Diverse Views
  • A framework for allowing/respecting diverse views/values
  • A framework for allowing/respecting diverse views/valuesSpiral DynamicsA series of spiral steps to show levels of individual and societal developmentOne level is no better than any otherBut this is not realized/understood until one understands/reaches the Integral/Yellow
  • Trend in shifting valuesWhat you value may be different from me, your parents, your grandparentsWe can understand and respect different values because we see where they fit into the the system of society
  • Rather than focus on the problem,Let’s focus on the success partThere is a technique that does that…Appreciative Inquiry
  • Photo by chitrasudar
  • Let’s turn these and Take responsibility
  • Be gentle with yourself… problems are ok… they are an opportunity for growth, learning/understanding
  • You can increase certainty in your mind – by being certain in the world you want, and taking steps to make that world a reality. But remember, it doesn’t happen overnight.
  • The BlueOrbit medallion is a corporate currency for a suborbit space flight company. In this scenario, you can request to be paid in your preferred currency, while still accepting traditional currencies.
  • The Journey is the DestinationThank you
  • A New Perspective, to solve the world's problems

    1. 1. A New Perspective to solve the world’s problems Heather Schlegel
    2. 2. problems
    3. 3. Pollution Peak Oil Limited Resources Economic Crisis Rising Population Water Crisis World Wide Catastrophe Global Warming
    4. 4. Los Angeles
    5. 5. The Results of… Refining Progress Development Knowledge Science Culture Living
    6. 6. aka Success
    7. 7. what does humanity do?
    8. 8. Probability the tendency in matter to become more complex over time and at the same time more conscious. - Teilhard de Chardin plausibility
    9. 9. Probability the tendency in life to become more complex over time and at the same time more conscious. - Teilhard de Chardin plausibility
    10. 10. complex ≠ complicated
    11. 11. Ecosystem
    12. 12. Not one world – we create millions
    13. 13. A Framework
    14. 14. Spiral Dynamics
    15. 15. Values are Shifting From Consumer Shift by Andy Hines
    16. 16. problems
    17. 17. problems
    18. 18. success
    19. 19. Appreciative Inquiry • The “Problem” of Species Success • What works when Success = Problems Principles • • • • • Constructivist Principle Poetic Principle Simultaneity Principle Anticipatory Principle Positive Principle 4-D Cycle • • • • • (Define) Discovery Dream Design Destiny
    20. 20. Constructivist Principal see the world as I am
    21. 21. “FIRST World Problems” • • • • • • • • Pollution Limited Resources Global Warming Rising Population Water Crisis Peak Oil Economic Crisis World Wide Catastrophe Human Guilt
    22. 22. Constructivist Principle see the world as I am • • • • • • • • I Pollute I use Limited Resources I make the world warmer I add to a Rising Population I contribute to the Water Crisis I encourage Peak Oil I made Economic Crisis I create World Wide Catastrophe
    23. 23. Poetic Principle what we focus on grows • • • • • • • • Laundry list of problems Doom and Gloom media attitude Negative Gravity Celebrity Solutions Overnight Success BIG! Armchair visionaries Fear based Inaction
    24. 24. Poetic Principle focusing on what we want to grow • • • • • • • • • Happiness Baby Steps Positive Reinforcement Small Solutions Practice Ongoing success Celebrations Everyday people Encouraged Experimentation
    25. 25. Simultaneity Principle inquire & change are simultaneous • • • • • • We are already changing Change in-flight No beginning, no end Unusual thinking Take responsibility for creating the problems This talk – your thoughts right now!
    26. 26. Anticipatory Principle what we believe, we conceive • • • • • • • • Pure, Fresh, Clean, Re-Newed World Abundant Resources Plentiful diverse economic exchanges Supporting Self-Actualized Population Comfortable Climate for Life Curious Excitement New Set of Problems Positive Pioneering Ongoing Practice and Exploration
    27. 27. Positive Principle identify and leverage strengths • • • • • • Communities Science and Discovery Open Communication, Sharing Increasing Stability, Certainty Transformation of raw to refined All those good human emotions – Joy, Love, Compassion, Inspiration, Cooperation • Tenacious
    28. 28. Fly Me to the Moon Image: Fly Me to the Moon
    29. 29. The Future of Money
    30. 30. the problem leads to the solution
    31. 31. Tools A Systems View Spiral Dynamics Appreciative Inquiry
    32. 32. Not something you attain, but practice. And yet, through practice, you attain.
    33. 33. Conclusion abundant problems, abundant solutions
    34. 34. Probability thank you @heathervescent plausibility more info at www.heathervescent.com