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Corruption Starts Here


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How has Facebook affected you and your relationships?

Published in: Technology, Business
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Corruption Starts Here

  1. 1. Heather Shepherd Background picture:IntangibleArts (flickr)Foreground picture: SonyPictures (WikimediaCommons
  2. 2. Our ideas of relationships are changingand Facebook is a large part of how wedefine our relationshipsVictoriaJohnson(flickr)
  3. 3. Facebook is often the “primary toolfor interaction early in theexperimenting stage of romanticrelationship development”-Jesse FoxRhythm302  (flickr)  
  4. 4. It has become “a new tier inthe relational hierarchy”-Jesse FoxBackground: (flickr)Foreground: Sean MacEntee (flickr)
  5. 5. But…it didn’t used to belike thatPowerhouse(WikimediaCommons)
  6. 6. To signal a commitment, men used to “pin”their girlfriends, or give them theirletterman’s jacketAzowlclub (WikimediaUnknown (Google)
  7. 7. “Those social courtship scripts don’t exist onFacebook”-Gretchen KelmerUS Fish and Wildlife Service- Northeast Region (flickr)
  8. 8. Now you have to include your significantother in your Facebook profileWolfr (flickr)
  9. 9. And“decidingto go FBOmeanslaying youremotionalcards onthe table,face up”-Tom JacobsSyed Abdul Khlaliq (Wikimedia Commons)
  10. 10. How is that affecting usand our relationships?AprilKillingsworth(WikimediaCommons)
  11. 11. We share our most personalinformation via social mediaC.  Todd  Lopez  (Wikimedia  Comm
  12. 12. Eliminating any sense of privacy andintimacyPolychronisLembesis(WikimediaCommons)
  13. 13. Leading torelationshipsshaped by their“actual andperceivedaudience”-Jesse FoxMath__ (flickr)
  14. 14. Which is affectinghow people arebreaking upPaul M. Walsh (Wikimedia Commons)
  15. 15. And “breaking up in IRL [in reallife] is no longer enough to getover an ex, you’ve got to endcontact on Facebook too”.-Allison McCannIzzy,  (flickr)  
  16. 16. Many divorce cases are becoming morenasty because of Facebook,which is being used as evidenceLegalAssitance (flickr)
  17. 17. Over one third of divorce filings in 2011contained the word FacebookCommunicaAon  
  18. 18. So, should we restrict the use of Facebookin relationships?
  19. 19. Or have we reached a point wherewe don’t know how to communicateface-to-face
  20. 20. We use it as an avenue of communication.We control what we say and what we do onthe Internet.Either way, we can’t blameFacebook.
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  22. 22. Enoc vt (Wikimedia Commons)All images are licensed under theCreative Commons Non-Commercial Share-Alike 3.0agreement.The images were sourced from:flickr, Wikimedia Commons, andGoogle.