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Amazingrace fa qfinal


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Amazingrace fa qfinal

  1. 1. Amazing Race FAQThe Walker Library Amazing Race 2010 starts Monday, November 8, at 7.30 amand runs through Friday, November 12, 4.30 pm.The race starts at the Reference desk and ends at Circulation.You don’t have to engage students about your area, but try to be welcoming andpositive.The winner will be announced on Monday the 15th on Facebook at 9am. Studentswill need to friend us on Facebook. Our Facebook identity is James E. Walker Li-brary (MTSU). (We will also email the winner.)The winner will be chosen at random from all successful entries.Students must participate in each stage of the race, and should keep their cluecards from each stage in order to answer a few questions at the last stage. This isto help ensure a fair race.Students will compete in 5 stages and will visit locations online and in the library.You should not answer any race questions for students. You might get IM or deskrequests about Interlibrary loan, requesting a new book or searching for a book onInfoSearch. Ask them if they are doing the Amazing Race and direct them insteadto the website. We have very clear directions on the clues, so there is no reasonstudents shouldn’t be able to do this alone. Make sure student workers know thistoo!Student workers can participate, but they should not look at the clue cards in ad-vance (they have to do each step, so it is not a huge deal if they see the clue fortheir area)Each desk will have the key phrase that students will say to get the next clue andthe clues delivered on Monday morning. We will circulate regularly to make sureyou have plenty of copies. find it all. here.