2013 trustee what every trustee should know


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  • Rebranding and consistency in naming – all after rivers.
  • 2013 trustee what every trustee should know

    1. 1. What Every Trustee Should Know What is your piece of the puzzle? Presentation for the 2013 Tennessee Trustee Workshop
    2. 2. Your Library is the Center of the puzzle.
    3. 3.  Secretary of State ◦ State Librarian and Archivist  Director of Regional Libraries (and eight Planning and Development support personnel)  9 Regional Libraries with consultants – Regional Director and Assistant Director – both with Master’s Degrees in Library and Information Science  County/Municipal library boards  Public libraries and their staff members TENNESSEE A total of 27 state consultants to support public libraries
    4. 4.  In addition to the Planning and Development staff and the professional librarians at the regional libraries, Tennessee also provides Technology Support personnel through the Information System Division of the Department of State. One Network Services Manager Four Network Service Consultants And Nine Library Information Systems Specialists
    5. 5.  Annual Library Service Agreement between local library board and Secretary of State, Tennessee State Library and Archives (TSLA)  Annual Maintenance of Effort Agreement between local government funding body(ies) and Secretary of State, Tennessee State Library and Archives (TSLA)
    6. 6.  Prepare for and attend board and committee meetings  Actively participate in meetings and library support events.  Be a team player.  Support all decisions of the board.
    7. 7.  Fight for the future of your library.  Be an advocate for the library and the community – at all times.  Be a supporter of intellectual freedom and lifelong education for everyone.  Show respect – for the role of the library director, the staff, and for other trustees.
    8. 8.  Adopt a library board code of ethics.  Recommend a library staff code of ethics.
    9. 9.  Follow an appropriate hiring process.  Enable the director to continue their education by attending workshops, conferences.  Let them do their job.  Evaluate regularly.
    10. 10.  Put forth an effort to learn about your library, other libraries, library trends, and your community needs.
    11. 11. • Know and use your library services. • Attend your library programs. • Know your library staff. • Use TEL. • Download books or audios. • Take your children or grandchildren to children’s programs.
    12. 12.  Strengthening the Structure for Better Support
    13. 13. Ocoee River Region Hatchie River Region Red River Region Buffalo River Region Obion River Region Holston River Region Stones River Region Clinch River Region Falling Water River Region Our Tribute to TVA
    14. 14. “We make LIBRARIES better”
    15. 15. Tennessee R.E.A.D.S. Consulting Technology/Computer Services Acquisitions/Cataloging Continuing Education Resource Sharing Tennessee R.E.A.D.S.
    16. 16. Attendance at local board meetings for professional guidance Consultation visits to library director, library board, or government officials Guidance/Assistance in grant applications Guidance/Assistance in planning processes Research in library topics Clearinghouse for policies, plans, bylaws, service ideas
    17. 17. Software installs Hardware maintenance Tech plans and grants Migrating and troubleshooting ILS Training for your needs one-on-one and group setting NEW! Toll-Free Help Desk
    18. 18. Material Allocations State & Federal Online Ordering Billed to Region, Drop Ship to Member Library Preprocessing with the Vendors Original Cataloging Cataloging Training
    19. 19. Statewide Workshops Regional In-Service Training Sessions Webinars One-on-one or small group training on request Annual Library Trustee Workshops Professional Collection for Librarians Partnership Programs Training Examples: • Every Child Ready to Read • LIFT (Legal Resources for Tennesseans) • Rural Library Computer Labs • Consumer Health Resources Certificate program
    20. 20. TSLA LibGuides http://tsla.libguides.com Public Library Management Institute TSLA Webinars TEL training Trustee Workshops Summer Reading Program Conference Other State workshops and partnership programs
    21. 21. Summer Reading Program Continuing Education Statewide Integrated Library System Standards and Other Publications TN-Libraries Listserv Statewide Public Library Catalog Interlibrary Loan Public Library Statistics LSTA Technology Grants “Firefly” Courier Service
    22. 22. From all of us working in the new Tennessee Regional Library System