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Lott Visual Resume


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Lott Visual Resume

  1. 1. My name is…
  2. 2. I am studying to be a nurse.I am a student athlete.
  3. 3. Academic Accomplishments• Freshman Honor Roll 09-10• All Academic Team 10-11• Dean’s List 10-11• Academic SEC Honor Roll 09-10 & 10-11• Bluegrass Nurse Aid Training
  4. 4. Experience• CATS Cultivating Character• Pro Shop Assistant at Idle Hour Country Club
  5. 5. Strengths• Developer: help people grow• Restorative: love to find the solution• Responsibility: utterly dependable; willingness to volunteer• Empathy: understanding• Consistency: “fair” environment for everyone
  6. 6. Golf Aspirations• Pursue a career on the LPGA
  7. 7. Nursing Aspirations• Work as a Pediatric Oncology Nurse• Ultimate place of work: St. Jude’s Hospital
  8. 8. Incorporate Both• Would like to find a way to fill both of my dreams• Be the nurse on call during national golf tournaments• Work in the medical tent
  9. 9. Contact Information• Email:• Cell: 225-936-9994