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Digital Humanitarians in the Sky


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The overflow of information generated during disasters can be as paralyzing to humanitarian response as the absence of information. Mobile phones, new orbiting microsatellites,
and now Unmanned Aerial Vehicles increasingly generate vast volumes of data during major disasters. This flash flood of information is often referred to as Big Data, or Big Crisis Data. Making sense of this overflow of information is proving to be a near impossible challenge for traditional humanitarian organizations, which is precisely why they’re turning to Digital Humanitarians. In virtually real‐time, these cyber responders
make sense of vast volumes of social media, SMS and imagery captured from satellites and UAVs to support relief efforts worldwide. How? They craft and leverage human and
machine computing solutions.

Presented by Heather Leson
October 13, 2015
EOScience 20
Frascati Italy

Published in: Technology
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Digital Humanitarians in the Sky

  1. 1. Digital Humanitarians in the Sky Heather Leson October 13, 2015 EOScience 20 Frascati Italy
  2. 2. MicroMappers Curate Damage Assessment Data
  3. 3. Timeline 2010 QCRI Created 2012 QCRI’s Social Innovation Programme 2013 AIDR Development starts MicroMappers Development starts Uaviators Created Typhoon Haiyan Response with UN OCHA 2014 MicroMappers - Coconuts for Computer Vision UNICEF AIDR SMS - Zambia Typhoon Hagupit Response 2015 WoRDE prototype with Translators without Borders Cyclone Pam (Vanuatu Response) Nepal Earthquake Response
  4. 4. Young Mappers in Indonesia, Bangladesh and the United States of America
  5. 5. Kathmandu Living Labs – civic tech hubs & labs support resilience
  6. 6. Partnerships and Coordination
  7. 7. 16 OpenAerialMap
  8. 8. Open Aerial Data Pipeline Data Collection – Satellite & Aerial Data Processing – manual, tools MACHINE LEARNING Data Filtering – MicroMappers/Pybossa Data Tasking/Mapping – Task Manager HUMAN COMPUTING Data Validation – Tier Tech Support or automated? Data Analysis / Monitoring and Evaluation MORE RESEARCH
  9. 9. Thank you Heather Leson @heatherleson @hotosm