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Crowdsourcing Tech for Social good and Crisis Response


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Digital volunteering with global collaboration and crowdsourcing is evolving. Our talk at Podcamp Toronto 2011 focused on 4 examples from the past 6 months: Random Hacks of Kindness 1.0 (Sydney, Australia) , CrisisCamp Pakistan, Random Hacks of Kindness 2.0 (Toronto, Canada) and CrisisCamp New Zealand.

Podcamp Toronto
February 26, 2011
Heather Leson, Melanie Gorka and David Black.

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Crowdsourcing Tech for Social good and Crisis Response

  1. 1. Heather Leson, Melanie Gorka and David BlackFebruary 26, 2011 Podcamp Toronto
  2. 2. Crisis Commons is a global network ofvolunteers who use creative problem solving and open technologies to help people and communities in times and places of crisis.Crisis Commons members organize response events called CrisisCamps.
  3. 3. Applied Social Media
  4. 4. Code, test tools, translate, map, wiki, Twitter,Facebook, communicate, collaborate, plan,coordinate, iterate, brainstorm, research,analyze, report, broker relationships, createcontent, videos, pictures, slideshare, anddocument
  5. 5. 90 days8 countries50 events+2000 volunteers
  6. 6. CrisisCamp Paris
  7. 7. CrisisCamp Argentina
  8. 8. CrisisCamp Bogota
  9. 9. Team Canada
  10. 10.  Sahana Foundation Ushahidi, Swift River and Crowdmap OpenStreetMap Frontline SMS Crisismappers Random Hacks of Kindness Humanity Road Geeks without Bounds HFOSS and more
  11. 11. Random Hacks of Kindness 1.0June 2010 - 5 countries500 volunteers RhoK Sydney, Australia
  12. 12. Nairobi to Montreal via Sydney and LondonOvoo + Skype + Twitter + IRC +Wiki + Email= 2 hours
  13. 13. CrisisCamp PakistanAugust – September 2010
  14. 14. Mobile phones are global.What if you read a text message (SMS) and couldhelp your neighbour?+ Text message + short code+ Report+ Read, search, document and categorize+ Map
  15. 15.
  16. 16. CrisisCamp London (UK) for Pakistan Floods
  17. 17. Global CrisisCamp MarathonSeptember 4 – 5, 201024 hoursCrisisCamps:Toronto Silicon Valley Sydney Bangkok LondonDozens of virtual volunteers collaborating with theCrisisMappers , Sahana, OpenStreetMap and otherteams.
  18. 18. CrisisCamp Sydney
  19. 19. Random Hacks of Kindness 2.0(RHoK)December 201010 countries, 21 cities1000 volunteers
  20. 20. RHoK Chicago
  21. 21. RHoK Toronto /Open Data Hackathon with CrisisCamp Toronto
  22. 22. So what does it all mean?4 days995 reports (verified and mapped)82,121 unique visitorsFrom 65 countries100s of local volunteersGlobal volunteers and observers
  23. 23. by:heatherleson, Brian Chick, Cynthia Gould, Mariella,Ratzilla, Tolmie Macrae, Deborah Shaddon, Spike,Luis Aguilar