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Aingel Accelerator


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Qatar Computing Research Institute participated in the Qatar Science & Technology Park Accelerator Programme from September 2015 - January 2016.
The Team investigated business opportunities for the Crisis Computing research project.
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Aingel Accelerator

  1. 1. Providing real-time situational awarenessArtificial Intelligence for property damage assessments
  2. 2. Background Global Award Winning Software with Humanitarian Partners
  3. 3. Problem Property insurance claims adjusters assess damages caused by wind, hail and water. The Claims Adjustment process is Ad-hoc and Expensive.
  4. 4. SolutionSolution
  5. 5. Market Analysis Handling numeric data Handling field reports Dashboards/Visualization Market Cap: $12.38 B P/E ratio: 24.87 Market Cap: $65.87 M P/E ratio: N/A Market Cap: $4.00 B P/E ratio: 402.7 CLAIMS MANAGEMENT $1 billion+ available immediately SITUATIONAL AWARENESS UAV Aerial imagery/video Hybrid intelligence-based analysis
  6. 6. Investment Requirement Break even 3.5 years from now Investment required Year 1: $1.1M @ $2.5M pre- money valuation We have project pilots with two large insurance companies. Business is growing.
  7. 7. Team Engineering & Operations Team Aman Kushal Latika Sonu Sushant Patrick Meier Early Advisor Ji Kim Lucas Justine Mackinnon Jaideep Srivastava Lokendra Chauhan Muhammed Imran Heather Leson Researchers: Peter Mosur Ibrahim Soltan
  8. 8. Thank You Contact for more details