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Who would be the audience for your media


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Who would be the audience for your media

  1. 1. 4) Who would be the audience for your media product?
  2. 2. AudienceTo find out the audience that my magazine would be aimed at I constructed a questionnaireon survey monkey. The questions discovered the gender likely to buy the magazine, the ageand the ethnicity. It also told me details on whether my audience had a occupation, whichwould decide how much they would spend on the magazine, and what genre of music theylike so my magazine would appeal to them.
  3. 3. I also produced a reader profile, to describe the type of person that my magazine is aimed at:Reader Profile The typical reader of my magazine will be a female around 19 years old.However, my magazine will also appeal to the male audience of the same age. The targetgender of my magazine will mainly depend on the artist on the front cover that week, andthe contents of the magazine. My reader is likely to have a part time job, so that they havesome disposable income to pay for the magazine, but not a lot so the magazine isaffordable to them. The reader is likely to be white British, so i will make my magazinemost appealing to them. The readers like a variety of music, including indie music, hiphop, pop music, so the chart magazine will appeal to them as it includes most types ofmusic. My reader is very likely to listen to the charts on a regular basis either on the radioor on the internet. " Hello, my name is Millie. In my spare time I love reading books, andlistening to music on the radio or off my cd’s. I am 18 years old, I am a student at YorkCollege but I have a part time job at my local pub. I am a very dedicated music fan, and buyat least 2 albums a month. I am a regular music magazine buyer, and i enjoy reading thearticles, and seeing what the magazine has to offer. Im very technical so i am also online alot seeing the new songs of the week or month. I enjoy chart music because i enjoy thevaried type of music that they have to offer."
  4. 4. Some images associated with my target audience:
  5. 5. AgeMy colour scheme is maroon/ black and white. Maroon is a colour that is suitable andappropriate for my target audience of older teenagers, as it a modern colour that is usedmore commonly now. The colour is vibrant, which is likely going to attract the teenageaudience. In comparison to colours such as purple, pink or blue, maroon is a moresophisticated colour that is likely going to appeal to the 17-25 year olds as they want toappear mature and sophisticated.I have a tag line underneath that says “The Only Official Chart Magazine!” this suggeststhat the magazine is aimed at a younger audience, as a more mature older audience woulduse the uses and gratification model, and would know that the tag line is exaggerated andunlikely as there would be more chart magazines on offer. It also ends with a ‘!’ whichcould be related back to a younger audience as it is fun, and excitable.
  6. 6. The image on my front cover also suggests my young targetaudience. The model on the front cover is 17 years of age so she fitsin to my target age. A young audience is likely to buy a magazine withsomeone on the front cover who is young, because they are likely torelate to them and see them as a icon.The clothes that my model is wearing are in fashion and are currentto the times, are younger audience is likely to notice this as they aremore fashion conscious. My contents page features, also suggest that the magazine is aimed at a younger generation. Each of my titles are very short, and not very informative. Suggesting that the younger audience is likely to buy the magazine because it is easier to read, and so they can buy the magazine and read for themselves about the detail and information. All my titles are about current musicians that are in the charts, this shows that my magazine is aimed at a younger audience (17-25), as mature, older adults are likely to show interest in chart music, so therefore they won’t know anyone who features in my magazine. I have also used very informal language, which will attract the younger audience as they can relate to it as it is language they will use. Words like ‘Spills all’ suggest this.
  7. 7. I have got a competition to win a iPhone 5. This showsthat the audience of my magazine is likely to be youngas the younger generation are more technical and areinto the new gadgets. I have used the same fonts through out of my magazine and on my double page spread. The first font is very simplistic and informative, which makes it more attractive the younger generation as there is no difficulty reading it. The second font is must swirly, and calligraphic, this fonts is still simplistic and easy to read but it is more attractive and eye-catching. The font is also quite feminine, so young females will be attracted to it.
  8. 8. My double page spread also hints at my target age. The picture takes up exactly 50% of my page, so there is less writing I comparison to other magazines. The image is on the left, unlike other magazines, which shows the left-right reading pattern, so teenagers are likely to be captivated by the image and then want to read the article on the other side. The image is on a black and white filter, which a young audiencewould connect with as they are used to using the filter on new social media like Instagram.The interview on the right side of the page suggests the audience, as it is fairly informal andchatty so the audience can relate to that which will also allow them to relate to the musician –’Morgan’ There is only 9 questions that are spread out, and they are broken up with anotherimage in the middle of the page. This hints at a young audience as there is less writing and theywont be wanting to read loads of text.I also have a website at the bottom reinforcing that teens love technologies.
  9. 9. Gender The image on the front cover is of a young cover. This could suggest that the magazine is aimed at females, as they are likely to buy it so they can look at the image and see the musician as a role model/ icon. The image on the front shows a very stereotypical girl, as she is wearing makeup, revealing clothes and has long hair. The image on the front of the week issue has effect on which gender it is aimed to that week, However, the image would also attract the male audience when using the male gaze theory. My colour scheme is maroon, this is a gender neutral colour so it broadens my target audience to males and females. My headings to the left side include two boys and two girl musicians, which shows that the magazine is divided equally between the two genders so that it is attracting a wider audience.
  10. 10. ClassThe price of my magazine is £2.20, which for a weekly magazine it is fairly expensive but it isaffordable. The type of class that can afford this every week is probably middle class as theyhave more of a disposable income, but not loads.My genre is chart music, so that include rock/ indie/ pop etc. Indie music is more aimed atthe middle class because of the lyrics and the instruments, and pop music is more aimed atworking class. As my magazine include what ever genre is in the charts, it could be eitherclass that buy my magazine.