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Content that keeps them coming back


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Quick tips to creating content that engages your readers and helps you build your business.

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Content that keeps them coming back

  1. 1. Content that Keeps Them Coming Back Heather Gowrie
  2. 2. You Need to Direct TrafficThe one thing that every business builder needs is more eyeballs on your blog andmore cash in your pocket, and the only way to get both of these is to get more trafficto your site. Internet traffic is the magical product that brings you customers.Without traffic to your site, you’re business isn’t going anywhere.I often find that people are hesitant to start their own business because they don’tknow how to build a website. They claim they are not technical enough to workonline. I’m here to tell you, stop being afraid of the technology behind the websiteand start worrying about traffic instead. You can have the best website building skillsever known to man – but if you’re not pulling traffic to your site, you will never make adollar. You need to be pulling traffic to you site every day and sometimes getting thattraffic is not easy.
  3. 3. And You Need a Traffic JamBut getting new people to your site isn’t the end of the project. You need yourtraffic to become engaged in what you have to offer and interested in purchasingyour products again and again. Returning traffic is twice as valuable as new trafficand the only way to keep people coming back to your site is to provide good content.
  4. 4. Write Titles That Interest Your ReadersIf your goal is to get ranked in the searchengines, you need to include your targetedkeywords in your title. • Include YourHowever, you also need to balance this Keywordswith actually creating titles that peoplewant to click on and read. Stop creating • Learn the art oftitles that make no sense you have threeseconds to convenience a potential Title Creationcustomer to read your article. • Write titles that areUse controversy, mystery, benefits andbreaking news as the triggers for all of your interesting andtitles. Spend some time researchingcopywriting techniques and learn the art of informativethe title.
  5. 5. Make Your Content Easy to ReadNobody reads full articles;most readers scan the titlesand if the title is interestingenough maybe they will scanyour article. Stop writing longarticles that provide everypiece of knowledge andexperience you have in yourbrain. Instead write shorterarticles that provideinformation in eyeball friendlysmall paragraphs, use bulletpoints, sub headlines, accentsetc. to keep your contentreadable and easy to scan.
  6. 6. Create ControversyNothing gets more attention than a person who speaks their mind and kicks up a little dust every now and then. Speak to your audience and convey what you know to be accurate information. Just make sure you dont say anything derogatory which could lead to legal troubles. Good Controversy Bad Controversy• Contrary Opinion • Gossip• Fact Rebuttal • Name Calling• Alternative Analysis • Slander and Libel
  7. 7. The title of your content will peak the interest of your readers. Imagesalso have the ability to sum up an entire article and can also stimulateemotion or provoke a response.The images you use in your articles will pull your readers into yourarticles. Long articles often benefit from images. You can insert animage into the middle of an article to break up the monotony ofmultiple paragraphs. Use Pictures
  8. 8. Build Lists• Top 10 Lists…• 5 Reasons Why… Try to find items for your lists that have• If I Had 3 Wishes… not been discovered by your competition. If you provide information and insight before your competition does, you’ll soon• 7 People Who I become the go-to business builder in your industry. Would Turn Over to the Alien Invaders• 4 Inventions that Make Me Wonder