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Location ideas

Location ideas for our AS Media work

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Location ideas

  1. 1. Location Ideas Eye For An Eye Opening After we had come up with the location ideas for our opening plans, we had to change the actors for our film therefore for some scenes we had to change the location in which we were going to film with the new actors. Because of this, we had to write up our new location ideas.
  2. 2. Location plans for our previous ideas Opening plans: 1. Photo of Alice and mum when she was a baby before she was abandoned (keeps coming back to burning photo throughout – photo burning slowly) – Burn the photo in the middle to show separation so the flames go outwards. 2. Show state of Alice’s bedroom – a dark simple room with no personal belongings 3. Show Alice applying for nanny job 4. Title 5. Show Alice walking down the street and arriving at a house for interview 6. Jenny opens the door and welcomes her warmly, show colourful garden 7. End of credits with John running in and the photo finishes burning Location ideas: 1. Alice is holding the photo (only show shot of her hand holding the photo). She sets it on fire, holds it until its half burnt and throws it into the gravel. 2. – 3. – 4. The title comes up on a faded in black screen and then fades out to the next shot 5. Heather’s front door and garden 6. Jenny opens the door and it shows the front garden so it suggests the family is lively and welcoming. 7. –
  3. 3. New and improved Location plans Opening plans: 1. Establishing shot will be used to show Alice’s room which is dark and simple with little personal objects. 2. There is a Slow zoom to Medium shot where Alice would be shown lying in bed in the dimly lit room while the clock ticks loudly in the background. 3. There is a close up of her alarm-clock ticking. 4. Extra close-up of the clock. 5. Close-up of Alice picking up her phone with the advert. 6. Point of view shot of Alice reading the text. 7. Fades to a black screen - Credits appear 8. Long shot and 180 degree rule shot of Alice walking down the street. 9. FLASHBACK - Over the shoulder shot of a carer holding baby Alice 10. Medium shot of Alice from the side walking down the street. 11. FLASHBACK - Medium close-up of Jenny looking out of the window from the back of her. 12. Medium shot in front of Alice Walking down the street 13. Medium close-up in front of Alice looking up at the Whiteford house. 14. Medium and Match On Action shot of Alice looking up at the Whiteford house. 15. Medium and Point of view shot of the Whiteford family's door. 16. Close-up of Alice's front looking straight in front of her. 17. Medium side shot of Alice knocking on the Whiteford's door. 18. Over the shoulder shot of Jenny greeting Alice. 19. Over the shoulder and shot reverse of Alice talking to Jenny. 20. Fades to black - Credits appear 21. Close up and zoom in of smoke with the title appearing. Location ideas for the opening: 1. Heather's bedroom - as she shares the bedroom it will look more realistic that she lives in care 2. Heather's room – Alice(Judy) will lie in her bed 3. Heather's room - Alarm clock on the bedside table 4. Heather's room - Alarm clock on the bedside table 5. Heather's room – Alice(Judy) holds up the phone 6. Heather's room - Phone in Alice's hand 7. N/A 8. Streets around Bearwood/Harborne 9. Classroom in school 10. Streets around BW/H 11. Classroom in school 12. Streets around BW/H 13. Front of Heather's house 14. Front of Heather's house 15. Front of Heather's house 16. Front of Heather's house 17. Heather’s front garden 18. Heather’s front garden 19. Heather’s front garden 20. N/A 21. N/A