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The Reading Group at Teeside University: Organising a reading Group for students and staff to promote wellbeing


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Fran Porritt presentation at ALISS wellbeing conference 21 August 2019

Published in: Education
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The Reading Group at Teeside University: Organising a reading Group for students and staff to promote wellbeing

  1. 1. The Reading Group at Teesside University Organising a Reading Group for Students and Staff to Promote Wellbeing Fran Porritt Teesside University, Student & Library Services Academic Librarian, Social Sciences, Humanities and Law
  2. 2. Origins • Fiction Collection • Festival of Wellbeing • Bibliotherapy • Underpinned by: • The Reading Agency(2015) Literature Review: The impact of reading for pleasure and empowerment.
  3. 3. Launch January 2018 • Ground rules • Selection of texts • Frequency of meetings • Day and time • Communication
  4. 4. Promotion • Social Media • Events • Reading Group LibGuide • Publicity in the Library • Wellbeing Fair within Welcome Week
  5. 5. Crime Fiction Season • Crime Writers Association member & academic Splinter in the Blood • Criminology/Criminal Law/Criminal Investigation/ Crime Scene Science/Creative Writing • Other events in the pipeline co-created with student member of the reading group
  6. 6. Crime Fiction lectures 2. Elementary my dear: Women, suffragettes, and Detective fiction This lecture explores the role of women in classic British detective fiction and considers how societal changes in the position of women is reflected by such literature. Learn about the often maligned female detectives, villains, and authors who are often sidelined in history and culture by Sherlock's mansplaining. 1. The Life and Times of Sherlock Holmes 1887- 1927 This talk explores the cultural, scientific, and political significance of the most famous detective in world history. Find out why his popularity has endured and what Conan Doyle’s detective stories can teach us about our Victorian/Edwardian Heritage and society today.
  7. 7. The Future • Collaboration with Public Libraries, independent bookshops • World Book Night • Big Read initiatives? 2019/acklam-library-2/ • Several reading groups • Inside Out module • & International students?