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Skills in seconds- UCL Library services


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Skills in seconds- UCL Library services

  1. 1. Skills in Seconds UCL Library Services
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  4. 4. Looking for something ? Let us show you how to find it. Wisdom can be acquired. Let us help you.
  5. 5. Software / hardware • Moodle quizzes and lessons (can only exist in the VLE, not sophisticated) • Echo 360 (Lecture Capture – limited editing and effects, talking heads) • Jing (free, less versatile version of Camtasia. No editing. Uses Flash – not Apple compliant) • iMovie (iPad app using built in iPad camera. Excellent editing but no screencast facility) • Screencast-o-matic (free, web based, limited editing but very simple) • Camtasia (screen cast plus sophisticated editing, import movie files from other devices)
  6. 6. Camtasia

Editor's Notes

  • Project – induction

    Asked to find new ways of delivering information to new students. Numbers of students increasingly making face to face library tours unmanageable in some subject areas.

    Also an alternative for students who can’t or don’t want to come to a tour
    Combined with the overload of information in the first week – something accessible at other times

    Information which can be distributed before the students enrol, before they’re bombarded with information

    Engaging, non-text format
  • Getting started website – phase one
    Summer 2013 drew up a list of FAQs
    Reduce the amount of text, make it as straightforward as possible, no jargon = FAQs based on the things that people needed most
    Concertina menus

    Which Library?
    How do I get online?
    Finding books etc
    Getting help
    Electronic resources
    Finding info on my subject
    Printing, scanning etc
  • Concertina menu, tried to keep text to a minimum. Links to more information on other parts of the website

    Alternative to text resources – send out prior to enrolment, alternative to face to face, revisit when needed
  • 2014 – questionnaire to try and find out how effective our face to face library tours are, if we should carry on doing them, if students would prefer that information delivered in a different way

    What did people think they needed to know, and what did they find most useful, and how did they want it delivered?
  • Survey results – what do they want to know?
    From this came up with a long list of topics, prioritised
  • Preferred formats
  • Echo 360 – based on the Lecture Capture system
    Software – imovie / ipad / iphone
  • Made a pilot (intro to subject collection) using imovie app on an ipad which encouraged our IT team to invest in new laptops with Camtasia
  • Camtasia – what it does
    Can upload ipda / iphone video footage and still pics and integrate with screen capture recordings
    Intuitive editing timeline – drag and drop elements
    Non-destructive, so can easily go back and make edits and updates when systems change
  • Decided not to have voice over so had to search for some copyright free music

    Search by genre – instrumental / soundtrack section
    Creative commons licensing – non-commercial, some allow you to adapt, some don’t allow any versions
  • All available for use for non-commercial purposes, varying degrees of cc licencing
  • Cross search public photography archives – all ‘no known copyright restrictions’ either through having expired, or institutions not interested in exerciseing control
  • Selection of participating institutions
  • Sample images – ‘science’
  • Creative commons film archives
  • Rick Prelinger and The Internet Archive hereby offer public domain films from Prelinger Archives to all for free downloading and reuse.
  • You tube playlist as part of the UCL Lib Services channel
  • Embed in various parts of the website, wherever relevant
    Designed to be as versatile as possible – work on all devices
    No voice over so can be used with no sound (in library on big LED screens), text to be bold to work on both handheld devices and look bold on big screens
  • screen
  • Myucl – to all stduents
  • What is Explore?
  • Camtasia structure
  • Getting help

    All library film filmed on my iphone

    Promos / teasers – intended to whet the appetite
  • More instructional film – intro to journals