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Library champions for Disability Access meeting- 10th March


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Slides from CIty University Meeting 10th March 2016

Published in: Education
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Library champions for Disability Access meeting- 10th March

  1. 1. Library Champions for Disability Access 10th March 2016 Welcome
  2. 2. Agenda 1. Working in a small team. Experience sharing: Jessica Wykes 2. Bookshare 3. Discussion about DSA changes 4. End 4:30pm. Tour of Northampton Square Library and Assistive Technology Suite.
  3. 3. 1. Supporting students with disability and SpLD at City University London Library
  4. 4. Role I am: • the named contact in the Library for students • based in the Library’s Academic Services department • overseeing 4 library locations
  5. 5. Role continued Responsibility includes: • Providing information about services and access • Assistive Technology operational guidance • Sourcing and obtaining Alternative Format material.
  6. 6. Managing the Assistive Technology Suite. The suite contains: – 6 pcs – TextHelp and Inspiration (site licence) – JAWS, ZoomText, Open Book, Audio Notetaker – Ergonomic furniture – Equipment: digital voice recorders, ergonomic mice and keyboards, book stands.
  7. 7. Challenges • Alternative formats • DSA changes • Broad overview
  8. 8. My useful resources • Team work – finding the people to help. Other Library teams /Disability and SpLd Support / IT • JISC, RNIB, AbilityNet for guidelines and best practice • Load2Learn / Bookshare pilot • Mailing lists LIS-ACCESSIBILITY@JISCMAIL.AC.UK, DISFORUM@JISCMAIL.AC.UK
  9. 9. Useful resources: inclusivity • Embedded accessibility - Microsoft • iPads for all students with built in accessibility such as VoiceOver and Safari Reader. • Roving service for all students but can give dedicated help • Audio /visual resources such as Anatomy TV, flashcards for visual learners.
  10. 10. Future investigation • Cloud software • Sensus Access • Load2Learn contributing • Training - accessible documents and presentations • Accessibility of e-books and databases. Influence procurement.
  11. 11. 2. Bookshare (Discussion) • Accessible format repository: can download in multiple formats such as Braille, DAISY, MP3 • Free accessible reading tools. • 1 year Pilot scheme with Load2Learn Oct 2014 • Organisational membership and Individual membership models. • Proof of disability required for each student enrolled.
  12. 12. 3. DSA (Discussion) • How DSA works • How the DSA review effects HE Libraries