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Disability, Higher education, libraries, teaching and learning bibliography May 2017


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Disability, Higher education, libraries, teaching and learning bibliography May 2017

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Disability, Higher education, libraries, teaching and learning bibliography May 2017

  1. 1. Disability- higher education, libraries, teaching and learning. Bibliography- May 2017 Mental Health House of Commons Education and Health Committees (2017). Children and young people’s mental health —the role of education . First Joint Report of the Education and Health Committees of Session 2016–17, HC 849 URL: Abstract: Schools and colleges have a front line role in promoting and protecting children and young people’s mental health and well-being. Education and mental health services need to work closely together to plan the most effective way of improving children and young people’s mental health and well-being. We welcome the Government’s commitment to make personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE) mandatory in schools and colleges. We support a whole school approach that embeds the promotion of well-being throughout the culture of the school and curriculum as well as in staff training and continuing professional development. We recommend that the approach to mental health and well-being should be properly taken into account and reflected in Ofsted’s inspection regime and reporting. The Government should strengthen mental health training and continuing professional development for teachers to ensure they are properly equipped to recognise the early signs of mental illness in their pupils and have the confidence to be able to signpost or refer to the right support. Teaching and Learning Disability on Campus: the challenges faced and change needed. Various (2017, May 18) Retrieved from challenges-faced-and-change-needed Abstract: Five academics talk about the issues associated with various disabilities and what should be done to improve support Inclusive Learning and Teaching Environments. 3 week Mooc offered by University of Southampton on FutureLearn
  2. 2. URL Abstract: On this course you will learn about different aspects of inclusion and digital accessibility experienced by students, teachers and support staff in Higher Education.You’ll explore the barriers experienced by disabled students, the role of inclusive practices and hear firsthand from students about the impact inclusion has had on their studies. Policy BS 76005:2017 Valuing people through diversity and inclusion. Code of practice for organizations URL: Abstract: This British Standard provides a framework and recommendations for valuing people through diversity and inclusion. It indicates how organizations of any size and sector can develop objectives, policies, practices and behaviours that go beyond compliance with legislation and increase the diversity and inclusion of people in or engaging with organizations. The framework has three dimensions to its recommendations DWP deny work capability assessments to disabled students (2017, May 24)Retrieved from capability-assessments-disabled-students The DWP has confirmed to Disability Rights UK that it will not enable disabled students claiming Universal Credit (UC) to have the opportunity of a work capability assessment (WCA). Assistive technology/ accessibility Alexa 100 Accessibility Updates.(2017) Retrieved from Some top websites becoming less accessible than 5 years ago report published on WebAim website Barker, A (2017, May 26) 13 super useful, easy, time-saving tech tips for less stressful working and living Retrieved from: saving-tech-tips-less-stressful-working-and-living Abstract: From the AbilityNet blog: , we've put together 13 time saving tips together to make it easier for you to use your devices, including tips on text-to-speech and speech-to-text options. These are game changers!
  3. 3. Christopherson, R ( 2017, May 17) Microsoft's must-read accessibility user tips for Vision, Speech, Hearing, Mobility and Learning disabilities Retrieved from accessibility-user-tips-vision-speech-hearing-mobility-and-learning Global Accessibility Awareness day May 18, 2017 Official website : Abstract: The purpose of GAAD is to get everyone talking, thinking and learning about digital (web, software, mobile, etc.) access/inclusion and people with different disabilities. MacMullen, R (2017, May 16 ) CILIP and LACA continue to push for ratification of the Marrakesh Treaty Retrieved from The Marrakesh treaty is a copyright treaty that gives users rights; specifically, the right for print-impaired persons to make or have made for them accessible copies of works, and for those works to be sent cross-border between countries which have ratified the Treaty. Autism Anderson, A,, Stephenson, J , Carter, M. (2017) A systematic literature review of the experiences and supports of students with autism spectrum disorder in post-secondary education Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders, vol,. 39, July 33–53 Abstract: A comprehensive systematic literature review was conducted of post- secondary experiences and supports of students with ASD. The strengths of students with ASD and the benefits of attending post-secondary education were described.There was a diverse range of social, emotional, and sensory difficulties that negatively impacted their education. Supports provided to post-secondary students were often incongruous with need and produced idiosyncratic benefits. The study demonstrated the need for novel and individualised supports