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Connecting Professionals Digitally by Jo Wood


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Jo Wood describes her lIbrarians with Lives Podcast. Paper delivered ALISS AGM 2018

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Connecting Professionals Digitally by Jo Wood

  1. 1. Connecting Professionals Digitally Jo Wood @JoWood04
  2. 2. How podcasting can connect and support information professionals globally My background Why create a podcast? How did I set LwL up? How does LwL work in practice? Making connections What has LwL done for me? What does it do for others? Learning points Contact details & links
  3. 3. My background Brief career history: • Membership, museum, charity and workplace libraries. • Currently manage a remote LIS for social workers across England • Qualified 2006; Chartered 2008; Fellowship (ongoing) CPD: • Chartership mentor • CILIP in London Committee • ALISS Committee • 2 bursary committees • Job shadowing scheme for government KIM staff • Various publications
  4. 4. Why create a podcast? CILIP Conference 2017: fascinated by other people’s (honest) career stories Wanted to create a platform for information professionals to tell and reflect on their stories and to make them available to others “How difficult would it be to create my own podcast?”
  5. 5. How did I set LwL up? TL; DR. I did some research! • Recorded a couple of experimental interviews (one in person, one remotely) • Uploaded the interviews to Soundcloud• Found guides to podcasting on WikiHow and Lifehacker • Downloaded free versions of recording and editing software • Wrote some questions to help frame the discussion • Promoted the interviews on social media (Twitter and LinkedIn), gained followers and momentum
  6. 6. How does LwL work in practice? Arrange Record UploadPromote Release Blurb Edit Feedback
  7. 7. Making connections Participants and listeners across the world (in 50+ countries), covering the full the spectrum of sectors and at all stages of their careers, from graduate trainees to people nearing retirement. 33 Episodes released (including a Christmas special and a side-special on librarians who run); a further 5 episodes have been recorded Since I launched Librarians with Lives in September 2017: Being part of, and listening to #LwL is being used as CPD evidence by information professionals worldwide.
  8. 8. Easy CPD – where are you and what are you doing when you listen to LwL? “Cooking, cleaning the bathroom or walking to the bus stop” Charlie “Walking to work or cooking dinner!” Kate “Usually on the train / walking to and from work” Mike “I listen when I’m driving into work” Tom “Travelling to / from work or at work” Shaun “I’m usually at my desk at work processing lots of books” Katherine “I have them downloaded for when I’m travelling” Clare “Commuting usually, though travelling to conferences is good for the backlog” David “Running (of course)!” Michael “During email answering sprees” Ellie
  9. 9. What has LwL done for me? Fun stuff: • #Libraruns running movement • Chess: the musical with Clare from Episode 4 • Love Island and Queer Eye Twitter DM groups with various LwL Alumni and listeners Conference presentations and workshops: • Networking workshop – CILIP Careers day & CILIP Conference (forthcoming) with Mike Jones (Episode 18) • LwL, professional resilience & mental health presentation at #Cilipw18 • CPD superheroes presentation – ALISS AGM 2018 • Librarians with Lives – LIVE! #CilipConf18 Professional Registration: • Found a Fellowship mentor (Barbara Band) • Gained two Chartership mentees (Tom Peach & Cathryn Peppard) Publications: • 60 seconds with..Jo Wood. Information Professional, March-April 2018 • Creating, producing and marketing a podcast for information professionals: a complete idiots guide. MmIT blog & journal (forthcoming) • Networking at library conferences (co- authored with Mike Jones). Information Professional, June-July 2018
  10. 10. What has LwL done for other people? “LwL has helped me to grow in confidence and helped me to recognise my skills and realise that I do have a voice, and a voice to be heard.” Katherine (Episode 7) “It gave me space and structure to reflect on what I’ve learned and achieved so far, which has in turn become useful when updating my CV and understanding my strengths/things to develop on” Rhiannon (Episode 20) “My boss recently interviewed for the new trainee positions and apparently someone talked about the graduate trainee episode during their interview!” Elle (Episode 20) “It made me reflect on my career and introduced me to lots of (lovely) new people and perspectives.” Mike E (Episode 4)
  11. 11. Learning Points Doing a podcast for CPD is: • Time-consuming • A steep learning curve (new tech!) • Labour intensive (Editing!) • Frustrating (Podcastsplainers!) • Distracting (Progress on Fellowship is SLOW) Doing a podcast for CPD is: • Life-affirming • Inspiring • A great way to meet amazing information professionals • Fantastic for all kinds of brilliant opportunities • The best CPD activity I’ve ever done
  12. 12. Contacts & Links @LibsWithLives@JoWood04 (Also available on iTunes & Soundcloud) Blog: