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Building the Future- Sally Jennings, British Library


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Presentation given at the Aliss 2017 conference Amazing spaces

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Building the Future- Sally Jennings, British Library

  1. 1. Building the Future Sally Jennings The British Library
  2. 2. Living Knowledge purposes • Custodianship: We build, curate and preserve the UK’s national collection of published, written and digital content • Research: We support and stimulate research of all kinds • Business: We help businesses innovate and grow • Culture: We engage everyone with memorable cultural experiences • Learning: We inspire young people and learners of all ages • International: We work with partners around the world to advance knowledge and mutual understanding 2
  3. 3. What is Building the Future? • Building the Future is a key part of the British Library's Living Knowledge vision to become ever more open, creative and innovative • The Library plans to work with a development partner to develop 2.8 acres at the northern end of the Library's estate, providing 100,000ft2 of additional space for the Library, in addition to delivering a raft of improvements to the existing St Pancras building 3
  4. 4. Video • Q8k4 4
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  6. 6. • Guided by Living Knowledge strategy • Delivering benefits for the Library and its users • Creating spaces which are open, creative and innovative 6
  7. 7. • More exhibition spaces, increasing public access to the Library's vast world-class collections • New facilities for learners of all ages, with expanded programmes for schools, colleges, families, adult learners and local communities • Improved public areas and accessibility, with more places to sit and study • An enhanced offering for business users, building on the success of the Library's Business & IP Centre • A new northern entrance close to the Francis Crick Institute and the main St Pancras Station concourse • A permanent home for the Alan Turing Institute, the UK national centre for data science • Flexible accommodation for third-party companies, institutions and research organisations seeking to work at the heart of the Knowledge Quarter 7
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  11. 11. Example process 11
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