Aliss Agm 2010 minutes


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Minutes from the 2010 ALISS
AGM held on 14th June 2010

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Aliss Agm 2010 minutes

  1. 1. ALISS AGM 14th June 2010 British Library Attending Jane Alderson-Rice University of Kent Christine Bradford University of Warwick Rachel Browning, University College Falmouth Euan Bull, HM Revenue and Customs Library Services Ian Cooke, British Library Heather Dawson LSE Sarah Field University of Westminster Julia Florin Kings Fund Chole Furnival University of Nottingham Harry Gibbs University of Southampton Jennie Grimshaw British Library Angela Joyce University of Bristol Mark Janes University of Oxford Peter Kane University of Warwick Anna Kassman-McKerrell National Childrens Bureau John Kaye British Library Rob Kirtley UCL Library school Jeremy Larkin Action for Children Helen Mackin Barnardos Judy McSorley Middlesex University Janet Morton University of Leeds Sally Patalong Coventry University Jean Portman University of Surrey Kirstyn Radford University of York Julie Robinson SCIE Vimal Shah Kings College Joanne Tate SOAS Angela Upton SCIE Anne Weist, National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence Katherine Widdows, University of Warwick Apologies Norma Menabney Queen University Belfast.; Diane Kearns , University of Bradford Committee membership The following were relected as officers by the AGM Angela Upton – SCIE (Social Care Institute for Excellence) Chair
  2. 2. Heather Dawson – LSE Library (Secretary ) Jennie Grimshaw - British Library (Treasurer) Helen Mackin - Barnardos Norma Menabney Queens University Belfast Joanne Tate SOAS Angela Joyce, University of Bristol Diane Kearns University of Bradford Sally Patalong University of Coventry Julia Florin Kings Fund volunteered and was accepted as a new committee member. ALISS Finance Jennie Grimshaw presented the draft accounts for 2009/10. This showed that ALISS continued to maintain a firm financial basis. A chartered accountant specialising in non-profit organisations, John Helm, had been appointed as a financial adviser to assist with the transfer the accounts to an electronic format and to ensure compliance with current law, including taxation. After reviewing the accounts he advised that ALISS, as an unincorporated society, was liable for corporation tax on its profits. In order to minimise tax liability, he suggested that the group should operate as a mutual. As a mutual, ALISS would only be liable for tax on profits from services to non-members. He advised that ALISS should change its constitution to comply with the legal framework for mutual trading, register with HMRC for corporation tax purposes, but request that it be considered dormant as its profits on non- mutual trading were very small. The meeting agreed to follow the course of action proposed by Mr Helm, and to accept his offer to assist the Treasurer with HMRC registration. The required change to the constitution was debated at the AGM and agreed by a majority vote. Section 11 of the constitution was amended from: 11 Winding up of the Group Any decision to wind up the group and the disposal of any funds at this point shall be made by the ALISS committee in consultation with the ALISS membership. In the event of the group winding up it is proposed that funds would be donated to a charity as agreed by the Committee. To read: 11 Winding up of the Group Any decision to wind up the group and the disposal of any funds at this point shall be made by the ALISS committee in consultation with the ALISS membership. In the event of the group winding up surplus funds would be distributed equally among existing members. Review of Activities.
  3. 3. Heather Dawson provided a brief summary of ALISS Events during 2009/10 Membership. Despite the financial recession membership had remained relatively stable. Individual membership had increased. It had been decided to hold a reserve of funds in the current account to cushion against any future cancellations caused by the recession. Journal ALISS continues to publish the journal ALISS Quarterly Special issues were on mobile learning and EU information resources. The winner of the annual prize for the most inspiring and informative article was Katharine Widdows, Warwick University for her article In your Face book, not your face which described the implementation of Facebook by the Library The runner up is Ian Cooke, Lead Content Specialist, International and Political Studies, British Library for his article on the results of user research Website A new website is currently under development with SCIE . It will incorporate more news RSS feeds. Conferences July 2009 Summer conference Marketing in a time of crisis – Coventry University December 2009 event EU information resources Papers online on our website at: select past events. Visits Visits took place to the following social science libraries/ information centres and continued to prove very popular. Zoological Society Library and Archive St Johns Ambulance Museum and Archive Horniman Library Oxford Social Sciences Library, Bodleian Library London Metropolitan Archives British Museum Anthropology Library CILT Language Library University of East London, Docklands National Art Library, V& A Forthcoming Activities
  4. 4. A series of visits are planned including: Mass Observation Archive, British Postal Archive, Lambeth Palace Library Summer 2010 conference planned for August at SOAS on innovations in information provision and supporting researchers in social policy Proposed revamp / re-design of our website to incorporate more dynamic web 2.0 features! • Enhancing the website to provide more current awareness news items Heather Dawson. ALISS Secretary