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Aliss FS 2017

aliss AGM report treasurer

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Aliss FS 2017

  1. 1. Association of Librarians and Information Professionals in the Social Sciences (an unincorporated association) Report & Statement of Account For the Year Ended 31 March 2017 Contents Page Report of the Committee 1 Statement of Account 5 Reconciliation of Funds 6 Note to the Accounts 7 Independent Examiner’s Report 8
  2. 2. Association of Librarians and Information Professionals in the Social Sciences Report of the Committee For the Year Ended 31 March 2017 1. Objectives The Association of Librarians and Information Professionals in the Social Sciences (“ALISS”) is an unincorporated not-for-profit professional association established in April 2005. The purpose of ALISS is to provide a forum for information professionals (in the UK or overseas) involved or interested in social sciences information. It offers the opportunity to network and exchange information with other members. Membership of the Group is open to any individual or corporate body on payment of a membership fee (£25 for individuals, £25 for students and £40 for organisations), and all duly registered members of the association have the privilege of voting at association meetings. In the event of a termination of its activities, any surplus funds would be distributed to existing members. 2. Governance ALISS is governed by a Constitution adopted at its launch in April 2005. ALISS is managed by a committee consisting of elected members, comprising up to three officers: Chair, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Secretary, and up to six ordinary members of the committee, all of whom must be members of ALISS. Current office holders are: Sally Patalong Chair Joanna Tate Hon. Treasurer Heather Dawson Hon. Secretary 3. Membership & Attendance 2016/17 2015/16 Membership Corporate membership 89 96 Individual 28 33 Student 1 1 Total 118 130 Attendance Attendance at AGM 28 28 Attendance at Summer Conference 30 28 Attendance at Christmas event 26 29 Attendance at April half day conference Not applicable 28 Attendance at June Disability Meeting 20 Not applicable Attendance at November Disability Forum Meeting 20 28 Attendance at March Disability Forum Meeting 16 29 Total 140 170 1
  3. 3. 4. Activities The 2016 AGM was on 21st June 2016 at Senate House. The theme was Copyright: keeping legal and advising our users. There were three presentations: • CLA Licensing and New Developments, James Bennett Head of Rights and Licensing, Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA). This provided an overview of the UK legislation regarding copying for education and research, and demonstrated how CLA’s growing range of services are designed to simplify copyright for content users • Copyright and Risk in the Rewind Project , Theresa Morley – Heritage Project Officer at Leonard Cheshire Disability Archive discussed the practical aspects of managing copyright issues within the HLF South East funded project – Rewind: Seven decades of stories from Leonard Cheshire Disability. The project involves digitising photographs, films and oral histories and creating an online exhibition space for people with disabilities to explore the history of the charity. She looked at the impact of copyright issues on choosing materials from the archive and the strategy towards ‘risk’ in putting materials online and using them in workshops with people with disabilities. • Developing an Online Copyright Course, Philippa Hatch (Copyright and Licensing Support Manager) and Ella Mitchell (Education Support Manager) from Imperial College London, spoke about their experience of creating an online copyright course for PhD students, part of a developing portfolio of support services for researchers Papers can be downloaded from the website. A summer event was held at Coventry University London on 18th August 2016. Doing more with less: How information professionals can survive and thrive. Presentations from several speakers were followed by brainstorming and discussion sessions. The themes covered were: • Proving our worth - Inspiring learning for all: an alternative evaluation model from the heritage sector. Eleanor Payne, Education Officer at LSE Library and Archive, explored the principles of the Inspiring Learning for All framework which is used extensively in the heritage sector to measure impact as well as plan projects and programmes. Delegates considered how this could be applied to the Library sector and considered other issues relating to measuring impact qualitatively. Feedback from discussion on the day concerning measurement via a padlet page • When is a team really a team? Moving from subject Librarians to Liaison teams– Caroline Gale, Library Liaison Manager, University of Exeter. Discussed issues relating to the restructuring and staff reduction which occurred at the university in 2015. She detailed the shift involved for the subject librarians and looked at the new model they now use, evaluating its effectiveness and the changes in working practices needed to maintain effective service for our users. • Developing a research culture – Chris Powi, Head of Library and Learning Services at the University of Northampton. Considered how staff in his institution are encouraged at all levels to get involved in library based research. • Using technology to develop our Information literacy teaching – Catherine Radbourne, Subject Librarian for Nursing and Midwifery, City University London and Antonella Yarnold. Subject Librarian for Social Sciences City University London provided some practical examples of ways in which they have used technology to enhance their teaching. 2
  4. 4. Papers and padlet comments can be accessed via the website A Christmas half-day event was held in London on 8th December 2016. The theme was EBooks: the changing nature of use and publishing. It comprised three speakers • The UK Scholarly Communications Licence – supporting academics with open access Dr Torsten Reimer, Head of Research Services, The British Library • Getting Government’s message across: communicating with citizens, policymakers and researchers in the 21st century. Jennie Grimshaw, Service and Content Lead Government and Official Information, The British Library • eBook Accessibility Audit, Ben Watson, University of Kent. Papers available from Attendance at the AGM and Christmas event is free to members; the non-members fee is £20. Attendance at the Summer Conference 2016 cost £50 for members and £70 for non-members. 2017 ALISS continued to support the disability forum for information professionals. Three meetings were held and a monthly bibliography indexing disability related articles was posted online via a website at . ALISS also has a very active programme of professional visits to libraries open to members free of charge and to non-members at £5. Visits in 2016/17 included. London Metropolitan Archives, Goldsmiths University of London Special Collections and the Women’s Art Library, LSE Library Glad to be Gay exhibition and the Hall Carpenter Archive, Royal College of Nursing Library and Archive, Downs Museum, National Autistic Society Library, RHS Library and Archive, Sainsbury Archive- Museum of the Docklands; Wellcome Library Reading Room, University of West London- Hamlyn Library ALISS continues to publish its journal ALISS Quarterly which offers short topical articles on recent professional developments. ALISS Quarterly is available in print (free to members) and online. The current online issues are password protected and available to members only. The archive of all issues is now available free online. The most recent year is password protected. Special Issues for 2016/17 included: Innovation in Library roles; eBooks and the changing nature of publishing; Ebooks and other library innovations. Supporting changing educational needs. 5. Finances There was a cash surplus of £3,642 (2016: £2,022) Income Corporate and personal membership fees and sale of ALISS Quarterly extra copies totalled £4,299 (2016: £4,680) and so covered the cost of producing the journal (£2,748 (2016: £2,763)). The summer conference made a surplus of £488 (2016: £804). Income of £2,742 was received from the Publisher’s Licencing Society for the first time. Expenditure Expenditure on the AGM totalled £368 (2016: £354) including £75 (2016: £75) in prizes for ALISS Quarterly best articles. Expenditure on other events consisted of £553 (2016: £520) for catering, room hire and travel expenses. Office costs consisted of £636 (2016: £420) for accountancy advice and assistance. Financial Position 3
  5. 5. Cash at bank at 31 March 2017 amounted to £17,427 (2016: £13,785) 6. Approval This statement of account was approved by the AGM on 20 June 2017 and signed on its behalf by: Joanna Tate Honorary treasurer 4
  6. 6. Association of Librarians and Information Professionals in the Social Sciences Statement of Account For the Year Ended 31 March 2017 2017 2016 Income Note £ £ Membership fees Corporate 3,599 3,890 Personal 700 790 4,299 4,680 Events, Conferences & Workshops Summer Conference 1,180 970 Other events 440 420 1,620 1,390 Other income Sale of Extra Copies of Journal - 14 Non-member attendance on tours 115 35 Non-member attendance at AGM 40 20 Publisher’s licencing society 2,742 - 2,897 69 Total Income 8,816 6,139 Expenditure Membership costs Printing of ALISS Quarterly 2,748 2,763 AGM 368 354 3,116 3,117 Events, Conferences & Workshops Summer Conference 692 191 Other events 553 329 1,245 520 Other costs Web site costs 39 17 Office costs 636 420 675 437 Total Expenditure 5,036 4,074 Surplus of Income over Expenditure 3,780 2,065 Corporation tax 1 (138) (43) Surplus of Income over Expenditure after tax paid 3,642 2,022 5
  7. 7. Association of Librarians and Information Professionals in the Social Sciences Reconciliation of funds For the Year Ended 31 March 2017 2017 2016 £ £ Cash at bank at 31 March 17,427 13,785 Represented by: Retained surplus at 1 April 13,785 11,763 Surplus/(deficit) for the year ended 31 March 3,642 2,022 Total 17,427 13,785 There were no other material assets or liabilities other than those stated above. 6
  8. 8. Association of Librarians and Information Professionals in the Social Sciences Notes For the Year Ended 31 March 2017 1. Corporation tax Corporation tax is provided on the non-mutual trading elements of the income and expenditure account. 2017 2016 £ £ In respect of the year ended 31 March: 2015: - 43 2016: 138 - Total 138 60 7
  9. 9. Association of Librarians and Information Professionals in the Social Sciences Independent Examiner’s Report For the Year Ended 31 March 2017 I report on the accounts of the ALISS for the year ended 31 March 2017, set out on pages 5 to 7. This report is made solely to the Office Holders of ALISS. BASIS OF INDEPENDENT EXAMINER’S STATEMENT An examination includes a review of the accounting records kept by the association and a comparison of the accounts presented with those records. It also includes consideration of any unusual items or disclosures in the accounts, and seeking explanations from the Office Holders concerning any such matters. The procedures undertaken do not provide all the evidence that would be required in an audit, and consequently I do not express an audit opinion on the accounts. INDEPENDENT EXAMINER’S STATEMENT In the course of my examination, no matter has come to my attention: 1. which gives me reasonable cause to believe that, in any material respect: • proper accounting records have not been kept; and • accounts have been prepared which do not agree with the accounting records; or 2. to which, in my opinion, attention should be drawn in order to enable proper understanding of the accounts to be reached. John Helm ACA 17 Heathville Road London N19 3AL 20 June 2017 8