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Aliss constitution 2017

ALIS Constitution 2017

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Aliss constitution 2017

  1. 1. Association of Librarians and Information professionals in the Social Sciences (ALISS) constitution 1. Name a) The Group shall be known as the Association of Librarians and Information professionals in the Social Sciences (ALISS). 2. Aims and objectives a) The purpose of the Group shall be to provide a forum for information professionals (in the UK or overseas) involved, or interested in, social sciences information. b) It shall offer the opportunity to network and exchange information with other members. c) The group will operate as a non-for-profit unincorporated society. 3. Membership a) Membership of the Group shall be open to anyone, and all duly registered members of the Group shall have the privilege of voting at Group meetings. 4. Management of the Group a) The Group shall be managed by a committee consisting of: Elected members, comprising up to three officers: Chair, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Secretary; and up to six ordinary members of the committee, all of whom must be members of the Group. b) Members of the Group may be co-opted to the committee and shall have the same powers as if they were elected, but their tenure of service shall terminate at the next AGM. c) Four members of the committee, one of whom must be an officer, shall form a quorum. d) The committee shall have the power to form sub-committees and will define their terms of reference. These committees must report to the Group committee. 5. Elections a) Elections shall take place at the AGM. b) Officers and ordinary committee members shall be elected annually. c) In the event of any office falling vacant during the year, the Committee may fill the office until the next AGM by election from among their own members or by co-option. 6. Electoral Procedure a) Not less than 14 days before the AGM, the Honorary Secretary shall send to each member of the Group a notice containing
  2. 2. i. An announcement of the date, time and place of the AGM ii. A list of officers and ordinary members of the Committee indicating those members due to retire iii. An invitation requesting nominations to the committee. b) Nominations must be received at least 14 days in advance of the AGM. Each nomination must be signed by two members. c) If the number of nominations is not sufficient to fill the vacancies, the Committee may co-opt sufficient qualified members to fill such vacancies, provided that they are willing to accept office. d) If the number of properly nominated candidates does not exceed the number of vacancies, they shall be declared elected at the AGM. e) If the number of properly nominated candidates exceeds the number of vacancies, election shall be by secret ballot of the members of the Group at the AGM. f) If a ballot is required, the Honorary Secretary shall send each member of the Group notification of the election and an opportunity to vote by post for those members unable to attend the AGM in person. 7. Annual General Meeting a) The Group shall hold an AGM during the months of April to June of each year. b) All duly registered members of the Group shall have the privilege of voting at Group annual general meetings. c) Items for the agenda shall be notified to the Honorary Secretary at least 14 days in advance of the day of the meeting. d) The agenda shall be distributed by the Honorary Secretary 7 days in advance. 8. Other meetings a) An Extraordinary General Meeting to conduct any specific business may be called by resolution of the Committee or upon receipt by the Honorary Secretary of a written request signed by at least twenty members of the Group, in which case it will take place within 28 days of receipt of the request. 9. Finance a) The general expenses of the Group shall be met from subscription fees from members and a reasonable charge for attendance at meetings or other activities. b) The Group funds shall be under the control of the Committee. The current account requires two authorised signatures. Each of the officers is eligible to be a signatory to the account. c) The Treasurer shall keep accounts which shall be made up to 31 March each year. Such accounts when certified by the Auditors shall be laid before the AGM of the Group together with the report and financial statement of the Committee . d) An auditor who is not a member of the Committee shall be elected at each AGM to examine the accounts of the Group.
  3. 3. 10. Bursaries a) The Group may offer (subject to availability of funds) 2 bursaries for attendance at their main conference/event of the year i. 1 members’ bursary ii. 1 student bursary b) The members’ bursary will be open to all individual or corporate members of ALISS, with priority given, at the committee’s discretion, to one or all of the following: i. Non-HE sector members, on the grounds that funding is not as readily available to them ii. Early career members, by which we mean those working in libraries for less than five years – to include non-professional staff considering librarianship as a career or working towards a CILIP accreditation and qualified staff still working in non-professional roles, again on the grounds that funding is not as readily available to this group iii. Members who have not as yet attended our conference c) The student bursary will be open to part-time and full-time students currently studying for a CILIP accredited course for a first degree or postgraduate qualification in the library/information sector in the UK d) Both bursaries will cover conference fees and travel expenses up to a value of £250 e) Application will be by a written statement setting out, in no more than 500 words, eligibility for application; reasons for wishing to attend the event and what benefits that attendance might bring to them in their current role or career development, now or in the future. f) In the event of an application being received from an individual working at the same organisation as a committee member, that committee member will not engage with the selection process g) The criteria for consideration used in the selection process will be made publicly available on the ALISS website h) The recipients of the awards will write a report on the conference and their experiences, for inclusion in ALISS Quarterly at the committee’s discretion. i) Awards are made at the discretion of the committee and the committee’s decision is final. 11. Alterations and disputes arising under the constitution a) Proposals to alter or amend the constitution shall be submitted to the AGM, provided that they have been previously approved by the Committee, or signed by not less than two members and delivered in writing to the Honorary Secretary not less than 28 days before the AGM, or to a Special General Meeting convened in accordance with clause 9. b) In consideration of such amendments, votes submitted in advance by absent members shall have the same effect as if they were present. c) A resolution may be proposed at the AGM demanding a postal or online ballot of all Group members and a postal or online ballot shall be taken if the
  4. 4. resolution is carried by a majority of at least two thirds of those members present. 12. Winding up of the Group a) Any decision to wind up the group and the disposal of any funds at this point shall be made by the ALISS committee in consultation with the ALISS membership. I b) n the event of the group winding up surplus funds would be distributed equally among existing members. May 8th 2017.