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Laser Treatment


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This PowerPoint presentation shows the role of laser treatment like Fraxel in restoring the skin from damage.

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Laser Treatment

  1. 1. While watching television, reading magazines or evenjust talking with friends, the topic of skin treatmentcan easily come up.On television and in magazines both women and menare bombarded with a variety of creams, oils, lotions,herbal and synthetic supplements, and evenappliances that are said to improve the quality of theskin and even change its appearance.
  2. 2. The problem is that many of these aforementionedtechniques fail to produce the desired effects of theuser
  3. 3. Often, when looking at cosmetic surgeries and othertreatments and procedures the professional andrapid results seem far more appealing than years oftopical treatments that may or may not work. Forthose looking for a solution that does not involveinvasive surgery, the list of cosmetic proceduresavailable is growing every day.
  4. 4. A great example isthat of FractionalDeep DermalAblation.Many will know theprocedure by itscommercial name ofFraxel repair.
  5. 5. When it comes torejuvenating andenhancing theappearance of the skin,laser treatments can besome of the best forproducing fast andnoticeable resultswithout the pain or longrecovery times.
  6. 6. When it comes to Fraxel Repair San Diego doctorshave developed techniques to improve upon thecondition of and eliminate the appearance ofproblems like sun spots and age spots, deep lines andwrinkles, uneven skin tone and texture, general skinirregularities, precancerous lesions, acne scars,traumatic scars, surgical scars, and stretch marks.
  7. 7. One of the great benefits of a Fraxel treatment isthat the recovery time, as a laser technology, isalready faster than alternative methods, but is evenfast amongst other laser treatments.The idea is to tighten and rejuvenate the skin,without further damaging it in the long term.
  8. 8. The Fraxel laser works on the skin in microscopic segments encouraging the auto stimulation of the skin cells. Many of the creams and lotions that people go to great lengths to apply are rich in collagen and elastin, both of which are naturally occurring in the skin.
  9. 9. Instead of topically applying these elements, usingFraxel encourages the skin to produce more of themachieving a much more natural look and organiceffect.
  10. 10. By focusing on tiny portions of the skin at any giventime, the treatment is able to focus on certain areasand leave others untouched, meaning that unlikeother treatments many portions of the skin requireno recovery.
  11. 11. With this gentle approach cosmetic dermatologistsare able to repair problems on the skin of not onlythe face, but the arms and legs, neck, chest, and eventhe hands.
  12. 12. Fraxel Repair San Diego treatments at our world-renowned San Diego Dermatology Center where we combine the major cosmetic breakthroughs of science and medicine are done with art, vision, creativity, and skill.
  13. 13. Visit our luxurious location in the UTCarea of La Jolla, CA to experience thefinest dermatology experience available.