Laser Resurfacing


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This PowerPoint presentation shows the how laser resurfacing techniques renewed the skin from scars and other signs of skin aging

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Laser Resurfacing

  1. 1. As a person has new life experiences theirappearance can drastically change. No part ofthe body reflects this as outwardly as the skin.
  2. 2. Some of these changes can result from negativeexperiences like a scar from an injury. Somechanges to the skin result from simple lifestylechoices like sun damage.
  3. 3. Other changes to the skins are results of otherconditions like scarring or skin spots related tosevere acne.Still further examples of damage to the skincan come out of positive and joyous experiencessuch as scars or stretch marks associated withgiving birth
  4. 4. With all of the circumstances that can causedrastic changes to the skin there is one that isthe most common cause behind why people seekcosmetic procedures to reverse these signs andsymptoms, and that is simply aging.
  5. 5. Far too often the only natural or simple topicaltreatments for such conditions only really workwhen used as methods of prevention.By the time a person is looking into having acosmetic procedure or even a surgery done thedamage is already established, whether by faultof their own or sheer circumstance
  6. 6. Many factors including ageand location will play intothe methods of repairavailable, for example, whenit comes to laser skinresurfacing San Diegopatients are more likely toenter treatment for sun spotsor precancerous spots, whilein Boston they might havemore broken blood vessels orfine lines and wrinkles toworry about.
  7. 7. Non-invasive procedures are being developedevery day, and many are proved highly effectivein rejuvenating and repairing the skin.Laser skin therapies like intense pulse lightphoto-rejuvenation can reduce fine lines andwrinkles, sun damage, broken blood vessels andliver spots.
  8. 8. Fraxel Repair is anothermethod that targetsmicroscopic sections of theskin and can be extremelyaccurate in eliminating theappearance of theaforementioned afflictionswith a fast recovery timefor areas like theface, hands and neck.
  9. 9. To find out more about which type oftreatment might be right for you, its best tolearn as much as possible online and to go for afull consultation.
  10. 10. Relume Another method, Cool Touch technology, can be used for treating everything from acne scars to liver spots, while therapies like Relume can largely if not entirely reduce the appearance of stretch marks.
  11. 11. New laser skin therapies and techniques arebeing developed regularly, meaning the level ofpain and the recovery time could be greatlyreduced by choosing the right method, as couldthe overall success of the procedure.
  12. 12. When using laser treatments a good educationcan be just the ticket to full rejuvenation!
  13. 13. Laser Skin Resurfacing San Diego treatmentsat our world-renowned San DiegoDermatology Center where we combine themajor cosmetic breakthroughs of science andmedicine are done withart, vision, creativity, and skill.
  14. 14. Visit our luxurious location in the UTC area ofLa Jolla, CA to experience the finestdermatology experience available.