Laser Hair Removal


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This PowerPoint presentation shows the various techniques on how to remove unwanted hair from the legs, underarms, bikini area, and the upper lip area

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Laser Hair Removal

  1. 1. Most men shavetheir face regularly,and nearly all haveshaved their face atsome point in theirlives.
  2. 2. One cosmetic and hygienic routine that nearlyeveryone has in common is the regularremoval of hair from either the body or face.
  3. 3. Women, however,may use varioustechniques to removehair from the legs,underarms, bikiniarea, and the upperlip area.
  4. 4. All of these areas of skin are sensitive whichcan result in a rather painful experience to gothrough regularly, even daily for some people!
  5. 5. More and more people are looking into laserhair removal to solve the problem for onceand for all, but are shying away because ofthe mixed reviews they get from those whohave tried it.The trick is to look for special lasers or wild nottechniques, but to seek out medicalprofessionals who are experts when it comesto laser hair removal.
  6. 6. When it comes to laser hair removal SanDiego medical professionals have discoveredthat the procedure must be undergone duringthe anagen, or growing phase, of eachindividual hair.
  7. 7. As the hairs of the body, especially thosewhich have been removed regularly byshaving, waxing, chemical treatments or otherassorted methods over long periods oftime, grow back at different rates theappearance can be that the laser treatmentdid not work.
  8. 8. However, experiencedmedical professionalsknow that spacing outseveral treatments(about 4 to 6 weeksapart) will catch thegreatest percentage ofhairs in the anagenphase, therebydestroying the greatestquantity of hair folliclespermanently.
  9. 9. The follicle in such procedures is targeted by apulsating laser beam.This light destroys the follicle by destroying themelanin component, or that which providesthe pigmentation of the hair.Since the melanin is darkest during the firstgrowth phase (the anagen phase) it is theideal time to perform the procedure.
  10. 10. The laser is then used toheat up the hair andfollicle to the point ofdestruction. If performedcorrectly, all hairs treatedduring the anagen phasewill cease to grow.
  11. 11. Through years of experience and medicalexpertise, the best laser hair removaltechnicians know exactly how to spacepatient appointments based on their hair andskin type to get the best possible long termresult.
  12. 12. A positive point of using such procedures is that the residual irritation is minimal, especially when compared to the pain and discomfort already associated with other types of hair removal treatments.Some swelling or skin discoloration may occur, and experienced technicians will know how to test small discrete sections of the skin for adverse reactions.
  13. 13. Just imagine, going in for laser treatments asregularly as for a bleaching or wax for aroundsix months, and then never having to dealwith unwanted hair again!
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