Han james, evan, teddy china


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Han james, evan, teddy china

  1. 1. HAN DYNASTY James, Teddy, and Evan This is the founder of the Quic kTime™ and a Han dynasty. His name is TIFF ( Unc ompres s ed) dec ompr es s or are needed to s ee this pic ture. Liu Bang.
  2. 2. Inventions China made the hot air balloon. They got the idea by using egg shells as miniature hot air balloons. They did this by lighting a candle under the egg shell. Chuko Liang came up with the idea of the wheelbarrow. He wanted to make farming and carrying things easier. This is a picture of QuickTi me™ and a decompressor The hot air balloon are needed to see thi s pi cture. In China.
  3. 3. The Silk Road Wudi began to develop the silk road. The silk road was for trading. The silk road stretches across 5,000 miles of land and water. Merchant traders brought silk from china westward, glass, linen, and gold from the west back China The silk road was a very important trading landmark. This is a picture of The actual Silk Road QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  4. 4. Buddhism The 4 noble truths of buddhism are: 1. Life is filled with suffering. 2. Suffering is caused by people’s wants. 3. Suffering can be ended if people stop wanting things, like pleasure or more power. 4. To stop wanting things people must follow 8 laws called the eight-fold path. Buddhism was very important during the Han dynasty. This is the man QuickTime™ and a decompressor who started are needed to see this picture. Buddhism. His Name is Buddha.
  5. 5. Important Emperors The founder of the Han dynasty was Liu Bang. Liu Bang wanted to end the Qin dynasty and make himself the first emperor of the Han dynasty. There was an emperor named Wudi. Wudi wanted to have safe and successful trading so he established the Silk Road. Liu Bang also ended the Qin dynasty. He fought against the Qin and took over most of the Qin dynasty and created the Han dynasty. This is emperor Qin. QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  6. 6. Map of Han dynasty The Han dynasty covered most of the southeastern part of China. There was a eastern Han dynasty and a western Han dynasty. Every part of the Great Wall was in the Han dynasty. It doesn’t cover any of the deserts. Quic kTime™ and a dec ompres sor are needed to s ee this pic tur e.
  7. 7. James Tim. I have 1 brother named My birthday is Feb 15 2000. I have 3 frogs named Skippy, Joe and See through.I was born in Vermont Rippton. I love soccer and drawing cartoons. I love candy, pizza and french toast!
  8. 8. Teddy I have two sisters named Polly (age nine) and Georgia (age six) and one dog named Bing (age 15). My birthday is March 19, 2000. I live in Wellesley Massachusetts and I was born in Boston. I play three sports. They are soccer, lacrosse, and basketball. I have one short term goal. It is to get straight A’s in middle school. When I grow up I would like to become a professional soccer player.
  9. 9. Evan I am an only child. My birthday is March 10, 2000. I am from Wellesley, MA. I have 2 frogs, their names are Bob and Bob. I like to play sports and video games. I want to do good in middle school.