2 the toy story immune system


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2 the toy story immune system

  1. 1. Educational Book on the Immune System Setting Robinhood Midevil Castle Mulan Pathogen The Tax Collectors Enemy Soldiers Huns Skin Trees Castle Walls City Walls Chemical Rivers Mote with crocs Mote Antigen Symbol on Armor Helmet style Smelly Feet Macrophage Lost Boys Ogres Ancestors Helper T Cells Little John Bell Tower Cricket B Cells Fryer Tuck Archers Mooshoo Killer T Cells Robin’s gang Knights Emperors guards Antibody Bees Arrows Fire darts Suppressor T Cell Marium Queen Mulan Memory Cells Robin King Emperor
  2. 2. The Toy Story Immune System How they protect the innocent “Immune System”
  3. 3. This story takes place in the safety of Andy’s room and just like any good place on earth peace, safety, and comfort come with a price. Setting
  4. 4. Most days are just fun and games, but we must always be on the lookout for the enemy…
  5. 5. The evil Buddy! Don’t be fooled by his happy smile, wagging tail, and playful look! He is the… “INVADER!” Pathogen
  6. 6. Not to be confused with our “Slink” we have identified a red strap with a gold medallion, no doubt to symbolize his accomplishments as a brave warrior. This strap and medallion enables us to know who is friend and who is foe. Antigen
  7. 7. Our first line of defense against this invader is the walls of our room and the door with a high opening device. This keeps us safe during many of the attacks. Skin
  8. 8. If this doesn’t work we have placed a series of squirt guns designed to douse the invader with chemicals to deter their attack. Chemical Barrier
  9. 9. If the invader gets past even this defense we have patrol men on hand to fight against him and hopefully end the attack. Macrophage
  10. 10. If our patrol men can’t handle the attack on their own, Rex is ready to sound the alarm for back up with a big roar! Helper T cells
  11. 11. Rex enlists the help of other helpers we have around Andy’s room. Buzz makes laser guns that we use against the invader to inactivate it. B cells/Antibodies
  12. 12. When things get really ugly we have to get a little help that is out of this world. These guys are crazy and can sometimes turn on the good guys. Killer T Cells
  13. 13. When the battle is over and we have won we need someone to signal our victory. So Woody gets trusty steed and runs around the room to call off the attack. Suppressor T cells
  14. 14. And to make sure we keep the information safe so we can remember how to fight off any other attacks Hamm stores it away. Memory Cells
  15. 15. THE END