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Making friends with big data resource links


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Making friends with big data resource links

  1. 1. @HAStark Resource Making Links Friends with OpenLabs @LJMU Big Data Big Data Master Class 30 March 2012 Heather Stark @HAStarkKinran OpenLabs LJMU Big Data Master Class
  2. 2. Resource Links Part One @HAStark Free Big Data reports Digital advertising market map The Quantified Self – what has Stephen Wolfram been doing the past 10 yrs?? How many servers does Google have? Signals from Google’s ‘power user’ status Jonathan Koomey. 2011. Growth in data center electricity use 2005 to 2010. Oakland, CA: Analytics Press. July. <> Anatomy of Facebook – summary article and link to full report source: Cisco’s take on The Internet of Things How to check if NoSQL is trending on Google Searches A technical-ish once over lightly of Hadoop OpenLabs LJMU Big Data Master Class 2
  3. 3. Resource Links Part One @HAStark A cartoon about what people think Google does vs what it actually does MWD Advisors Cloud computing report (free, but registration required) Being wrong is normal. Signal detection theory for beginners. How Target knew a girl was pregant before her family did Interesting companies making a business out of other peoples’ data – UK startup reselling extracts from Twitter firehose - UK companies house data – London transport fare refunds from UK startup – a gamified marketplace for analytics problems If this is all too enthusiastic check out Thanks to Laurent Lachal, Principal Analyst, Ovum Limited, for his critique of the NIST definition of Cloud Computing* Mark Wiggins, Vice President, WN Holdings Limited, for insight into Knowledge Process Outsourcing Colin Shears, WorldwideHead of Analytics, IBM, for material on competitor analysis using social mediaKinran *OVUM ANALYST INSIGHT, Revisiting the NIST Definition of Cloud Computing. Reference Code: OI00127-074 Publication Date: November 2011, Author: Laurent Lachal, © Copyright 2011 Ovum OpenLabs LJMU Big Data Master Class 3
  4. 4. Resource Links Part Two @HAStark How many shades of blue is too many? (er, 42??) Paul Adams (ex-Google, now Facebook) on the shape of real life social networks Total capital raised by games companies 2011 Why putting stats into your product is the single best thing you can do – Mafia Wars lead Zynga’s head of analytics on analytics social.aspx Zynga infrastructure revealed&Itemid=415 IsCool Facebook developer garage talk Facebook Games Hack: Best Practices for Social Games on FacebookKinran OpenLabs LJMU Big Data Master Class 4
  5. 5. Resource Links Part Two @HAStark Friends are the key to social games success, uh, no, new plan, make that strangers…!/Olifiers/status/139771382832709633 Sensible stuff about gamification from Sebastien Deterding Video Slides Amazon’s A/B testing from Greg Linden (who designed their first recommendation engine) Andrew Chen on LTCV and lots of other interesting stuff Eric Reis on Lean Startup Avinash Kaushik on Making Love with Big Data Jon Radoff book: Game On (supposedly on gamification that actually on social game design) blog: OpenLabs LJMU Big Data Master Class 5