Energy Mngt Systems Brochure


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Energy Mngt Systems Brochure

  1. 1. Energy Management Systems C R UC I AL F OR T H E SU C C ESS OF AN Y BU SIN ESS The obligations of business will increase as Energy management is one of the most effec- the potential impact of climate change be- tive ways an organization can reduce it’s oper- comes reality, the legislative environment on ating costs, improve it’s competitiveness and IN D U ST R Y F AC T S energy emissions is increasing dramatically demonstrate to both industry and customers it and for those subscribed to the Carbon Re- is operating in an ethical and sustainable. UK industry still wasting al- most £7 million per day on duction Commitment Scheme (CRC) that manner. poor energy efficiency comes into force in April 2010 avoiding addi- An Energy Managements System framework tional energy levies for many will become nec- such as the latest best standard BS EN 16001 UK businesses could collec- tively save £2.5 billion over essary demonstrates best industry practice the next 12 months by im- plementing simple energy efficient measures F EAT U R ES & BEN EF I T S effective solutions for CONSULTANCY – AUDITING — POLICY Savings are not just for   REDUCED COSTS IMPROVED BUSINESS your business needs large organizations, the po- tential energy management saving for SME’s alone is PERFORMANCE around £1.3 billion.  ENGAGE TOP MANAGE- BS EN 16001 Who Is It For? For most UK businesses a MENT 20% reduction in energy use BS EN 16001 provides a structured framework BS EN 16001 is suitable for any organization— equates to the same as a  COMPLY WITH LEGISLA- to embed energy management in your organiza- whatever your size, industry or geographical 5% increase in sales tion’s culture. TION Effective implementation can enable year on location. Source: The Carbon Trust year reductions in energy use via a cycle of con- It is particularly  REDUCED GGG EMIS- tinual improvement. relevant if you op- SIONS. The standard specifies the requirements for an erate in an energy Energy Management System (EnMS) to enable intensive industry  FORMALISE ENERGY POL- your organization to: or one that is GHG ICY AND OBJECTIVES emissions legisla- Determine your organization’s energy needs tion.  INTEGRATE MANAGEMENT Establish energy policy and objectives SYSTEMS Conduct initial review of energy aspects ENERGY SOLUTIONS Determine necessary processes and responsi-  SECURE ENERGY SUPPLY bilities Provide resource to attain energy objectives  DRIVE INNOVATION Establish methods for energy monitoring and Ovenden Way, Halifax  FLEXIBLE & SCALABLE analysis HX3 5NW Determine energy efficiency performance and Tel: (01422) 433821 indicators Mob: 07722 051110 E-mail: Establish means to effective operational control Web: Review and monitor for continual improvement in energy efficiency
  2. 2. AWARENESS GUIDANCE smart meters MANAGEMENT SYS- TEMS regulatory support IMPLEMENTATION AUDITING TRAINING british standards risk management Save money and reduce costs through energy effi- renewable energy ciency Comply with legislation and meet stakeholder expecta- environmental tions Support sustainable devel- 14001 opments and environmental policies Enhance the reputation of thermography your and win more custom- ers Embrace Wa t e r Effi- HeatandEnergy.Org can ciency help you meet your energy Reduce objectives, by establishing 16001 Emis- the systems and processes sions required to improve energy Reduce efficiency leading to reduc- Costs tions in costs and green- house gas emissions through effective energy management Energy Management Systems Ovenden Way, Halifax HX3 5NW Tel: (01422) 433821 Mob: 07722 051110 E-mail: Web: