Breakfast for spouse - not getting enough sleep - brainstorming


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Breakfast for spouse - not getting enough sleep - brainstorming

  1. 1. Not getting enough sleep #2 - Brainstorming 100 solutions Team of the Heart of Europe - Michal, Lukáš, MarekBreakfast for spouseI need to get up earlier so that I can prepare a breakfast for my spouse (wife, girlfriend, …)or whole family. Preparing such a breakfast includes a tea or coffee, may mean getting freshcroissants, including nice arrangement on the table. I don’t really mind doing that, but withoutthis I could sleep a bit longer and I won’t be so sleepy during the day!
  2. 2. 100 Solutions of the problem(Note that we have concentrated on preparing a breakfast for our girlfriend or wife; the solutionscan be clustered/grouped, however, the list should be sufficient for now...)1) Prepare most of the breakfast in the evening including setting the table, so you do not have toget up so early because it would not take so much time in the morning.2) Go on holiday to some hotel and call the hotel service to bring the breakfast.3) Buy a japanese robot, who would prepare it in the morning.4) Go for a breakfast to the café next door.5) Explain to girlfriend, that the breakfast is not important so much as a lunch.6) Tell her, that you will sleep together longer in the morning, so you will have just the brunch.7) Hire the maid.8) Call the food service with delivery.9) Say to your girlfriend, that she gets fat when eating in the morning.10) Have a sex with her so you do not have time to have breakfast before leaving the home towork.11) Have just fruit and tea for the breakfast, which is quick to repair.12) The strategic view - make her pregnant and raise up the children in a way that they willprepare the breakfast in couple of years.13) Eat a lot in the evening, so when you get up, she is still not hungry.14) Set up the alarm clock late, so you oversleep and you have no time to have a breakfast ifyou have to go to work.15) Call your mother-in-law and invite her for a week...16) Call your mother and invite her for a week...17) Give her pills into the drink in the evening, so she would sleep longer, as you would.
  3. 3. 18) Act that you feel really bad, so you need to sleep more.19) Take out the battery from alarm clock.20) Deactivate the alarm clock.21) Split up with your girlfriend. (extreme solution)22) Murder her during the night. (extreme solution)23) Just ask her, if you could set up “breakfast service” - each one serves one week.24) Ask her, if she could just make the breakfast.25) Persuade her to do something different in the morning, that you need to sleep and youwould make the breakfast later.26) Tell her you really love her and you would like to just sleeping longer time next to her.27) Arrange her the trip to somewhere.28) Drink a lot of coffee at the morning29) Take pills designed to suppress fatigue30) Chew coca leaves together at the morning to relieve hunger31) Bring her a breakfast to bed a day before and tell her, that you really need to sleep a lot thenext morning32) Order a pizza instead of full-pledged breakfast33) Win a challenge against one of your friends and make them prepare the breakfast for you34) Opt for a girlfriend that is really ambitious and busy and doesn’t have time for breakfast inthe morning35) Reserve a limousine and have breakfast with her on your way to work36) Learn special buddhist methods that reduce the need for sleep to few hours a day37) Sleep only 5 hours in the night and then take a 20 minute nap during the day as Bill Clintondid
  4. 4. 38) Persuade your girlfriend to go for a threesome and then make the other girl make breakfastfor both of you and your girlfriend39) Save money, read about what you love doing every day, get yourself a team and build acompany, thus becoming a business owner and have a lot of free time40) Save every penny, invest, eventually becoming investor and have tons of time for sleeping,making breakfasts and making love41) Apply for military service and spend most of your mornings on base42) Purchase a psychowalkman (it actually exists) and learn how to use your energy optimallyso you would need less sleep43) Be a man; get up a make a breakfast for your girlfriend even though you’ll feel a bit sleepthe whole day; it will make her happy44) Agree with your girlfriend there’s no need for breakfast at al45) Do some jogging - that will give you extra energy due to all the serotini that’ll flood yourbrain46) Take a really hot shower followed by cold shower, that will effectively wake you up andmake you ready for the whole day (including the breakfast-making sequence)47) Learn how to - or agree with your boss you will - sleep on workplace; research suggests thatit increases effectivity.48) On sunday, cook a lot of dishes, that can be used for a breakfast; storage themappropriately and use them while sleepy to prepare a proper breakfast49) Drink wine, watch movies and make love all night long so you don’t have to bother withwaking up at the morning50) Energy drinks, energy drinks, energy drinks51) Download a special app for smartphone that diagnoses sleep phases you’re in, based onyour movements, and wakes you up at the most appropriate moment, at the end of the sleepcycle, so you’ll be alway fresh when you wake up52) Go to sleep - and this is when it gets interesting - earlier
  5. 5. 53) Define your core life values, goals and priorities and do only what you really need to to toachieve them, and gain extra time for sleeping by working more effectively54) Get yourself some really good earphones so you could listen to energising music at themorning without waking up you girlfriend55) Subtly persuade your girlfriend to go for a special type of diet that forbids breakfast56) Prepare the breakfast really quick, with just basic features; it is not ideal, but you have tosleep sometimes57) Listen to meditation music before going to sleep so that you fell asleep quicker and sleeplonger58) On your alarm clock, set as a melody The Eye of The Tiger by Survivor, from the Rockysoundtrack - that’ll give A LOT of energy59) Hire a driver so you can sleep later in car, while on i way to job60) Go to the lobby taxi and take a short nap61) Buy a big cup of ice cream and offer it to your girlfriend instead of breakfast; girls love icecream62) On every Sunday, tell your girlfriend which days youll work late into night a need her toprepare breakfast, listen to her timetable and eventually agree upon who will make the breakfaston which day.63) Avoid “the breakfast issue” at all cost64) Sleep in the morning and then make a special dinner as an apologize64) Do not act gently i any aspect of your relationship so the girlfriend won’t expect youpreparing breakfast65) Bribe her with jewelry making it explicit it is a make-up for not preparing the breakfast66) Travel together a lot and deliberately use destinations when you either can use roomservice or where a breakfast is an irrelevant concept67) Find special gadgets on the internet that will turn on the devices you need for preparingbreakfast (kettle, oven) just minutes before you get up
  6. 6. 68) Move to Japan and claim a random sex doll as your legitimate girlfriend; dolls do not need toeast so often69) Agree with your boss, that you’ll work from home, thus saving time otherwise spent oncommuting70) Find youngsters living nearby you trust, give them the keys from your house/flat and hirethem to prepare a breakfast for you and your girlfriend every morning71) Act like breakfast is a completely artificial and unnatural social ceremony and whispersentences like “Breakfast is for pussies” as often as possible72) Prepare a really big breakfast and sleep instead of having lunch at the noon.73) Take picture of every breakfast you make, document it and celebrate it and create a virtualimage, that you prepare breakfast ALMOST every day (even if it is not the case)74) Have for a breakfast a ridiculous amount of chocolate few times in a month; it is easierto “prepare”75) Design a breakfast, the majority of which can be prepared while already consuming firstpieces of it, that you can prepare the day before76) Agree with the closest restaurant that makes breakfasts, that on a given day, they’ll prepareone and send it to you using a boy or a delivery company like DHL or FedEdx77) Persuade your girlfriend that müsli is the best breakfast; not only is it healthy but it isyummy, easy to prepare and at the same time, definitely more attractive than cornflakes78) If you have outgoing and friendly neighbors, you could agree with them, that you will havebreakfast together one day in a week and that you will take turns in preparation so it; that givesyou some time to sleep more, maybe every two weeks!79) Explain to your girlfriend’s female friend that breakfast is not as important as lunch andmake them persuade her about that.80) Have always the same - ideal - dinner, create a list of actions, brainstorm about how youcould do those actions more effectively - perhaps by multitasking or by deliberately practicingsome routine actions, that they become automatic and you can do the quicker, even if you aretired.81) Open the issue with your girlfriend whether the breakfast is more important than the morningsex; hope for the beast and prepare mentally for the worst.
  7. 7. 82) Have just green tea for breakfast; find a blog that describes it as the perfect way to start aday, preferably written by someone who looks either as a monk or as an nutritionist83) The evening before, eat only things that are digested slowly so you don’t feel hungry thenext morning84) Set your clocks for ten minutes later - that will create illusion you have more time85) Invite some friends of yours from different country and ask them if they could show you inthe morning how does the traditional breakfast look like in their country.86) Be nice, make breakfast every work day in a week and sleep all the weekend87) Buy a really loud alarm clock, that will wake both of you and set it a bit late you you “haveto” prepare breakfast together in order to make it in time88) Appreciate a lot everytime your girlfriend makes a breakfast for both of you so eventuallyshe comes to like it and will consider it as one of the family rituals.89) Tell her you can’t get up in the morning to make a breakfast because you miss her andyou “don’t wanna miss a thing”90) Try to make a list of your life values and priorities and decide, whether doing breakfast foryour girlfriend is more important than watching TV or working or being on computer late to thenight91) Just be late, if you have some individual task to do that day.92) Prepare very simple and easy to make breakfast, but give your girlfriend a flower at themorning93) In case of desperate need for sleep in the morning just continue to eat what you have eatenthe evening before94) Make a full use of the daylight saving time adjustment, make an epic breakfast and havemodest, easy to make dinners the next days95) Decide on which days will be “breakfast-free” and celebrate it with your girlfriend as anopportunity to sleep next to each other a bit longer96) Purchase the breakfast every day in drive-thru, that will save a lot of time97) Have a breakfast at Tiffany’s; a bit expensive, but elegant solution. Expensive gift will makeyour girlfriend forget about a breakfast
  8. 8. 98) Work with your girlfriend late to night, do not have dinner until around 4 o’clock at themorning, then have dinnerbreak/dinnerfest (a cousin of brunch)99) Send your girlfriend to wellness hotel for a day or two as a present100) Decide to broaden your professional experience and quit your current job to find adifferent, possibly better one. In the meantime you’ll have plenty of time to sleep and to preparebreakfast!101) Sign up for as many online courses as possible, such as the creativity crash course, andtell the girlfriend that you need to submit next homework which is much more important thanhaving a breakfast