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  1. 1. Your Service Trip to Swaziland
  2. 2. Travel Dates•June 23rd: You will leave the United States on June 23rdarrive in Johannesburg, South Africa on June 24th.  You willdepart South Africa July 2nd and arrive in the United Stateson July 3rd. •July 14th: You will leave the United States on July 14tharrive in Johannesburg, South Africa on July 15th.  You willdepart South Africa July 23rd and arrive in the United Stateson July 24th.•July 28th: You will leave the United States on July 28tharrive in Johannesburg, South Africa on July 29th.  You willdepart South Africa August 6th and arrive in the UnitedStates on August 7th. •Please wear your travel T-shirt.
  3. 3. Meeting in Johannesburg• You will get off the plane.• Walk to pick up your luggage.• Go through customs.• Once you enter the International Arrival Lobby, you will see a Heart for Africa Banner and a staff person in a black polo.• Check in with them and they will give you luggage tags and walk with you to the City Lodge where you will stay for the night.
  4. 4. Baggage• 2 bags 50 pounds.• If you have extra room, then we have items that need your help to travel to Swaziland.• Lost Baggage: Fill out the form as fast as possible - you need to have the Lugogo Sun address (Old Mbabane/Manzini, Main Road, Ezulwini Valley, Mbabane, Swaziland) and nearest airport is Matsapha. They have to be out by 6pm. Only one/two person should stay behind NOT the whole family if its family luggage. 
  5. 5. Trip Packs• Your trip pack includes your T-shirt to wear on travel day, your name tag, your itinerary, your airplane ticket, and some important information to prepare you for your trip.• June’s trip packs were mailed at the beginning of May.• July’s trip packs will be mailed at the end of May.
  6. 6. Traveling to the Community•Heart for Africa is going to the communitiesin greatest need.•The travel time will be anywhere from 2 to 2½ hours.•Ideas: Bring snacks, waters, games, cards,iPods, wave at the kids walking, and admirethe countryside.
  7. 7. Bring out to the community• Leave bag in car• Please bring Toilet paper.• Antibacterial wipes• No Electricity for ipods, etc.• Sunscreen• Wear DEET bug spray• Packing list is online.
  8. 8. Travel Food Cliff barsPeanut ButterNilla Waffers PringlesGranolla bars
  9. 9. Distribution Days• Project Canaan Family Distribution on Wednesday: You will find out clothing sizes the day before.• Community Distribution on Saturday: Adult and child clothing.
  10. 10. Day in the Community• Relational• Teams: You will find out when you check into the Lugogo Sun.• Team Leader: Guide you to the garden, cooking shelters, and other needed items for the community.• Waves• Songs for the kids: Seth Condry, Get Down, Oh Happy Day, Link in the last email for dance moves, Bring Speakers (no electricity)• Example of Activities: Gardens, fencing, fruit trees
  11. 11. Songs for KidsIf you are musically inclined, have a guitar, oriPod with speakers, then you can go to thefollowing link for wonderful songs to worshipwith the kids:
  12. 12. Community Gift Ideas• Bubbles• Warm Clothes• Soccer balls with a pump.• Stickers• Songs• Beach balls
  13. 13. Items to Purchase there for church:• plates• kettle/pots• spoons
  14. 14. Leave ClothesYou will have the opportunity to leave clothes in Swaziland that you have worn throughout your time. We will have someone wash them and distribute them after you have travelled home. We will collect these clothes the day you check out of the Lugogo.
  15. 15. Dress Code• Modesty is the best policy.• Ladies: Shirts with sleeves, wraps, no shorts• Men: Pants are best.
  16. 16. WrapsHere are examples of wraps for the ladies. Wraps should be worn out to the communityeveryday over pants.  It is a simple piece offabric wrapped around the waist and pinnedthat goes below your knees. 
  17. 17. Passport• Your passport MUST have 4 blank VISA pages • VISA has to be at the top of the blank page. • Boarding will be denied if you don’t meet this requirement.• Expiration date is 6 months AFTER you arrive back in the United States.
  18. 18. Converters vs. Adapters •Converters change Voltage •Adapters allow plug-in •Hair dryer in drawer in the Lugogo.
  19. 19. Immunizations• Go to to know what vaccinations are recommended for Swaziland.• Malaria
  20. 20. Communicate back home…Heart for Africa would like to encourage you tobe fully present in Swaziland and disconnect,but we do realize you might need tocommunicate back home.  The Royal Swazi Sunlocated behind the Lugogo Sun does have abusiness center where wireless internet accessis available to you for a fee. 
  21. 21. Currency Information• Please exchange your money before you travel.• When we arrive in Africa, we will not have time for you to go to an ATM.• You want small bills.• When you receive change back do not accept R200.
  22. 22. Travelers Under 18Your child must travel with a legal guardian.  To ensure streamlined travel for your child while traveling through immigrations during their upcoming international flight, it is very important to provide both the child and their guardian with a letter crafted by you, their legal parent/guardian. Download document by CLICKING HERE. 
  23. 23. Action Steps• Check your passport and your itinerary• Contract.• Be on the look out for your trip pack.