Blamey & saunders pty ltd corporate presentation 2


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Blamey & saunders pty ltd corporate presentation 2

  1. 1. Blamey & Saunders Hearing Pty LtdIHearYou“Hearing aids without borders”.. And distance no object... formerly
  2. 2. The IHearYou™ systemHearing aids designed to be self-fitting (DIY)Our technology is also in cochlear implants and top BluetoothheadsetsOur solution costs less than half of other high quality hearing aidsand can be set up in the convenience of your homeSuccessful remote customers have already been supported in theback end of Queensland and countries such as Sweden, Greece andthe UK
  3. 3. Hearing loss is common in rural areasNearly 4 million people in Australia have at least mild hearing loss andless than 1 in 4 do anything about ite.g. Almost all farmers over 50 years of age have hearing lossUntreated hearing loss leads to other difficulties with serious impact oncommunication for both them and their partners
  4. 4. There are other groups who have similar problems1960’ and 70’s rock band and concert attendeesCar and motorcycle competitors and social ridersHeavy machinery operators prior to OHS ear protection legislationMetal workersPeople who go hunting (shooting)Untreated military personnel –war veterans
  5. 5. Hearing loss leads on to other problems – if not addressedUntreated hearing loss, even if quite mild, can lead to• Depression and other mental health issues• Loneliness and social isolation• Unemployment, under-employment or early retirement• Can be an early trigger for dementiaThese conditions are REAL – and seriously affect quality of life BUT theycan be reversed with successful hearing aid use, saving millions in health care treatment
  6. 6. Putting off hearing aids makes regaining hearingharder• Their brain "forgets" about the tone quality they used to hear, and they get used to hearing just bass. So when they start to hear again with a good quality hearing aid, the brain has to get used to hearing a new tone quality again.The hearing nerves and the brain are not getting adequateinput. The central hearing system "forgets" what to do. "Use itor lose it" is true for hearing.
  7. 7. Early use of hearing aids avoids more costlycomplications• People put off offsetting their hearing difficulties because of cost and the reputation for unsatisfactory results – so they get depressed, withdrawn, retire early, develop other problems….• Blamey & Saunders have a high quality, low cost, low barrier approach• The self fitting – DIY approach ensures participation, and “buy-in” to responsible self management of hearing health Health funds potentially save millions
  8. 8. Blamey & Saunders Hearing and IHearYou™Blamey & Saunders Hearing has developed a hearing aid and DIYsoftware system which the hearing aid user can buy on-line, set upthemselves and which is a about a of other comparably highquality hearing aid products.We also have a commitment to ongoing technology development.
  9. 9. The IHearYou™ hearing aidsystem• The hearing aids in our range all use ADRO® processing, 32 channels, adaptive directional microphone, excellent feedback cancellation and exceptionally low signal processing delay (<1ms), so that an “open fit” can be used by a wide range of people• ADRO® is a sound processor also used by Cochlear Ltd, and invented by Australia Hears company founder, Peter Blamey. It uses fuzzy logic to keep sounds comfortable and audible1.• Clinical trials show that 3 out of 4 people1 prefer ADRO® to compression, which has been used in hearing aids for the last 40 years ADRO® is a registered Trademark of Dynamic Hearing Pty Ltd IHearYou® is a registered Trademark of Blamey & Saunders Pty Ltd
  10. 10. ADRO® and IHearYou™ ADRO® is an advanced, multiband, fully automatic graphic equalizer, and the hearing aids also incorporate other advanced technologies; they are output focused and optimised to comfort, so are easy to set up without an audiogram1 1., We set up our hearing aids before despatch if an audiogram is can be supplied, saving our customers time and effort. ADRO® is a registered Trademark of Dynamic Hearing Pty Ltd IHearYou™ is a Trademark of Blamey & Saunders Pty Ltd
  11. 11. • 32 channels of fuzzy logic ADRO® processing• Adaptive directionality – a form of enhancement to hear the sounds you want to in background noise• 4 programs – these are only needed for very somewhat extreme listening situations. The fully automatic adaptive hearing aid will work in most places, but client needs sometimes call for special settings• State of the art feedback cancellation: the hearing aid can provide a lot of amplification without squealing, even though this is an open fit style (up to 19dB of added stable gain)• Control of low level noise• Telecoil (LOF and SIE-64 models only)• Compatible with Bluetooth neck loops (LOF model only)• Waterproof
  12. 12. We don’t we need an Audiogram to personalise anADRO® hearing aidThe “pure tone audiogram shows IHearYou™ software is used to personalisethe quietest sounds you can hear. and tune our hearing aids and sets it up atThis is not relevant to setting up a the customers comfortable listening levels.hearing aid that needs to be Our technology enables the hearing aid to becomfortable set as “comfortable” without an audiogram
  13. 13. The Blamey & Saunders Hearing leadership team Dr. Daniel TaftProf. Peter Blamey Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Elaine SaundersFounder, inventor and scientist (physiologist, CEO, Telstra Business WomanChairman, winner engineer, cochlear implant Award winner, LeadingInternational Award from the researcher and inventor Woman in Healthcare AwardAmerican Academy of (Asia), Pearcey award winnerAudiology (Vic)
  14. 14. How our service worksThe client orders hearing aids on line or by phone. The clientreceives hearing aids, the IHearYou™ accessories, and instructions,and sets up the hearing aids.The client is fully engaged in their own hearing aid personalisation,which increases the likelihood of satisfactionWe provide phone or internet support to our customers, includingremote desktop support, if they need it“Hearing Aids without Borders”
  15. 15. IHearYou™ DIY is the Blamey & Saunders way: helping our customers everywhere hear: distance no object
  16. 16. Our customers can make the hearing aid sound“just right” for them IHearYouTM DIY is the Blamey & Saunders way: helping Australia hear
  17. 17. • 32 channels of ADRO® processing• Adaptive directionality – a form of enhancement of hearing the sounds you want to in background noise• 4 programs – these are only needed for some fairly extreme listening situations. These fully automatic adaptive hearing aids will work in most places, but client needs sometimes call for special settings• State of the art feedback cancellation: the hearing aid can provide a lot of amplification without squealing, even though this is an open fit style• Control of low level noise (soft sound noise reduction)• Telecoil : Compatible with Bluetooth neck loops• Earmold compatible versions• Water-resistant
  18. 18. We support.. distance no objectThe separable parts are immediately available by return airmail orcourierThe handed tube and speaker assemblies are supplied atremarkably low costWe use remote assistance technology to be “the audiologist in youhome” if that is what you would like
  19. 19. Internet and access to good hearingenables older people to remain“connected” • Our clients are encouraged to use the computer for Skype, email and internet shopping as well as to programme their hearing aids • Our customers are more likely to be able to remain at home and to be healthier due to more social interaction
  20. 20. Corporate Structure Hearing Life Technologies Inc Elaine Saunders and Peter Blamey
  21. 21. Strong financial growth projected• Staff numbers have been increased recently, with a view to growth and excellent customer experience• The company has a face to face clinic - profitable within the first 6 months – the clinic and the internet model are mutually supportive and interactive• Blamey & Saunders Hearing clinic has a wellness focus – rather than “counselling” we provide a leisure experience package for those wishing to come to our offices for a full range of hearing services.