What to Look for in an Audiologist


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http://www.fixmyhearing.com It is important to find a hearing aid provider that accepts your insurance. They should also have hours that work with your schedule and be located in an office that is convenient for you.

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What to Look for in an Audiologist

  1. 1. Call Us Today Clermont Office: (352) 729-3377 Orlando Office: (407) 329-4885 Who are Phonak’s Main Competitors? Phonak is a leader in hearing aid technology. The company is headquartered in Switzerland and has been in business for over sixty years. They don’t let technological limitations get in the way. Instead, they find solutions. Their goal is to bring the gift of sound to all people. The company has created Hear the World, anonprofit division devoted to raising awareness of the importanceof hearing and the impact hearing loss has on lives. The goals ofHear the World include erasing the stigma that someone withhearing loss should be seen as handicapped and wiping outnegativity about wearing hearing devices. They are also strivingto show people that hearing is a valuable gift that should beprotected and to encourage listening.Wide assortments of models are currently on the market. TheCanadian based company, Unitron, became part of Phonak in2000. The merge of the two major hearing aid manufacturers hasallowed for an even greater range of products. It is not the onlybrand on the market, though. A knowledgeable audiologist orhearing aid provider will be able to match someone who hasexperienced hearing loss with the perfect device for their uniquesituation.The Lyric is one of Phonak’s most popular models. It stays insidethe ear 24/7. It requires no handling and no one except thewearer and his doctor needs to know it’s there. Website : Harmony Hearing Centers Of America Blog : www.Hearing-Aids-Orlando-FL Blog: www.Hearing-Aids-Clermont-FL.com
  2. 2. Call Us Today Clermont Office: (352) 729-3377 Orlando Office: (407) 329-4885There are dozens of hearing aid companies in the world. Theindustry pumps millions of dollars into research and the testing ofnew technology each year. Phonak has many competitors.ReSound, Oticon and Starkey are some of the other large hearingaid manufacturers. Each company has a long list of models and isin a constant race to perfect technological advances.The Intiga is a heading device made by Oticon. It’s high speedprocessing chip and wireless technology work with the brain toincrease hearing and filter out unnecessary background noise.Even people with only minor hearing loss report significantimprovement while wearing the tiny unit.Starkey hearing aids are custom made. The brand is a leader inwater proof technology for hearing aids. They offer a wide rangeof digital, invisible and wireless models for both adults andchildren.Resound is yet another hearing aid maker. The Resound Aleraimproves hearing in even the most challenging of listeningconditions with core technology that includes surround sound.The Resound Unite offers a line of hearing accessories thatincludes microphones, phone clips, remote controls and TVstreamers designed to enhance and amplify sound quality.While Phonak isn’t the only company that manufactures highquality, technologically advanced hearing devices, they are morethan just a business. They are working hard to make it possiblefor people to hear in ways they only dreamed of before.Purchasing a Phonak unit improves the wearer’s life and that ofmany others as well. The wearer gets the gift of hearing andgives to others. Website : Harmony Hearing Centers Of America Blog : www.Hearing-Aids-Orlando-FL Blog: www.Hearing-Aids-Clermont-FL.com