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Loop Systems Clermont FL

  1. 1. Let’s Get Loopy – Loop Systems for Hearing Aids Improve Hearing Recently, the 2nd Annual International Hearing Loops conference was held in Washington D.C. in conjunction with the Hearing Loss Association of America conference. 250 attendees, all members of the “Get In The Loop” campaign, gathered to discuss loop systems, the benefit oftelecoils and how to get the message out to the public about thebenefits of loop systems and the communication access theyprovide.Even though they offer improved sound quality, are easy to installand are cost effective, hearing aid loop systems are not wellknown to hearing aid users. When hearing aids fall short ofproviding better hearing on the TV, when listening in thepresence of background noise or while talking on the phone, aloop system can easily close the gap toward better hearing.What is a Loop System?Loop systems are a type of assistive listening device that work inconjunction with a hearing aid’s t-coil to help hard of hearingpeople hear speech better, especially in background noise. Othertypes of assistive listening devices include such things as FMsystems and Infrared systems. Unlike with FM and Infrared, thereis no external accessory needed in order to connect to and use aloop system. The only requirement is that the hearing aid isequipped with a Telecoil, also known as a T-coil or T switch.
  2. 2. What does a Loop System Do?Imagine being able to hear sound from the TV or stereo systemfrom anywhere in the house. If you’d like to wash dishes in thekitchen and listen to the TV in the family room at the same time,you can. If you don’t want to miss the score of the big game butwant to get a snack from the fridge, you don’t have to worry.With a Loop system, the sound is delivered directly to the hearingaids and stays exactly the same as you move from room to room,as long as you stay within the loop.It improves sound quality by allowing the hearing aids to adjustthe incoming sound for your specific hearing loss and thendelivering the sound to both ears simultaneously. You can alsoset up the system to deliver sound from the phone directly intothe hearing aids, allowing for binaural sound and improved soundquality. Loop systems can also be used in meeting rooms andtheaters, churches and even in the car or RV!
  3. 3. How does a Loop System Work?Loop systems consist of three basic parts: an input device, a loopamplifier and loop wiring. Lastly, you’ll need hearing aids withTcoils in order to pick up the signal from the loop wiring. Theinput device is the device you want to listen to such as the TV, astereo or MP3 player, a microphone or almost any other audiodevice.The loop amplifier plugs directly into any wall socket while theinput device plugs into the amplifier. The loop wire is placedaround the perimeter of any room or listening area and the twoends of the wire then connect to the amplifier. Once turned on,the loop is active. To pick up sound, simply turn your hearing aidsto the Tcoil mode while you are inside the looped area and soundwill be instantly directed to both ears.What does a Loop System Cost?Loop systems are probably the most inexpensive of all assistivelistening devices. A good system will only costseveral hundreddollars, unlike some integrated FM systems, which can costthousands. The issue is that you may have to have several loopsystems for different areas.There are small “pad” loop systems that you can place under yourfavorite La-Z-Boy recliner that are very inexpensive. With thenew focus on looping public areas such as at churches, theaters,grocery stores and public meeting halls, groups like Hearing LossAssociation of America are making it more likely that you willhave the opportunity to use a loop system at no charge when youare in a public venue. Be sure to ask if a loop system is availablenext time you visit a noisy place. You might be surprised.
  4. 4. If you are having difficulty hearing clearly, even with your hearingaids, ask your audiologist if a loop system is right for you. A loopsystem can make communication and listening more enjoyablefor everyone.For More Information Loop System, Call Hearing Aids Clermont FL At: 407-329-4885 Or Visit Us At: http://hearing-aids-clermont-fl.com