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Hearing Aid Batteries


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Harmony Hearing Centers of America explains how long hearing aid batteries should be expected to last.

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Hearing Aid Batteries

  1. 1.       Harmony  Hearing  Centers  of  America  | (407)  329-­‐4885  |   Discover more great content here:     Just How Long Should I Expect My Hearing Aid Batteries to Last? The question of just how long hearing aid batteries should be expected to last isn’t as simple to answer, as it seems, because battery performance hinges on many factors. Battery life depends on the model of your hearing aid, and can vary widely across different models created by the exact same manufacturer. The way you use your hearing aid will also influence battery life; the more hours a day it is turned on, the more often you will use up batteries. In addition, there are differences in battery life between battery manufacturers, and the same manufacturer may offer different lines of batteries, some that are supposed to last for a longer period of time than others. Battery life also depends on battery type; for example some types are only discharging power when they are in a hearing aid that is on, and other types (for example, zinc-air batteries) start losing power as soon as you remove the adhesive strip on the bottom of the battery and they’re exposed to oxygen, whether the hearing aid is turned on or not. If consider new hearing aids, it’s a good idea to do some research on the different models and the types of batteries they use to help you make the best choice. If you have an existing hearing aid and are searching for the longest lasting batteries for it, the Internet can be a fabulous source of comparative ratings and reports. To make things somewhat easier for you, hearing aid batteries are produced in four common sizes, each of which is marked with a distinct color code, which is always
  2. 2.       Harmony  Hearing  Centers  of  America  | (407)  329-­‐4885  |   Discover more great content here:     the same no matter who the manufacturer is. See the approximated battery life below to get a basic idea of how long batteries of each size can be expected to last: • Size 10 – Yellow tag – 80 hours • Size 13 – Orange tag – 240 hours • Size 312 – Brown tag – 175 hours • Size 675 – Blue tag – 300 hours To ensure the longest life for your batteries when they’re in the hearing aid, turn the hearing aid off when you are not using it. Store your unused hearing aid batteries at room temperature, indoors, and in their original, unopened packaging to ensure their longest possible life.