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Wi Series hHearing Aids


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Wi Series hHearing Aids

  1. 1. Wi Series Hearing AidsAustin, Texas — Austin Hearing Services is proud to announce that it is oneof the first to offer Starkey’s Wi Series hearing aids. Loaded with Starkey’smost cutting-edge technology, Wi Series hearing aids are designed to makelistening easy and enjoyable again. It features their latest noise reductionand speech preservation system, which is designed to deliver more clarity,even in noisy environments.DESIGNED TO ENHANCE HEARING IN NOISEFeaturing Voice iQ, Starkey’s latest noise reduction and speech preservationsystem, new Wi Series is designed to deliver more clarity and reducelistening effort,* even in the noisiest environments.DESIGNED TO ENHANCE TV & RADIO LISTENINGWi Series can also wirelessly stream stereo sound directly from your TV,radio or computer to your hearing aids, which then act like headphones. Nowyou don’t have to crank up the volume to hear it in your hearing aids!For More Information on Wi Series Hearing Aids, Call Austin Hearing Services At: (512) 851-0847 Or Visit Us At: