Toilet Paper and Hearing Aids Austin TX


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Toilet Paper and Hearing Aids Austin TX

  1. 1. Toilet Paper and Hearing Aids 5 HUGE reasons you should NOT buy your hearing aids at the same place you buy bulk toilet paper. 1. Life and Death. Ok, that’s over dramatic, but it is true that your hearing is part of your overall health. I recently reviewed an audiogram that had been done by a warehouse store, and was alarmed that the patient hadn’t been referred on to a medical doctor- this person had the red flag signs of an acoustic neuroma (auditorytumor). While an acoustic neuroma won’t kill you, it willdestroy your hearing over time. Most “Free hearing tests ” willprovide the tester just enough information to sell you a hearingaid. At Audiology Concepts we complete a comprehensiveevaluation and work closely with physicians when needed.Doctors of Audiology have 8 years of schooling, and supervisedclinical requirements to ensure we are trained at diagnosing alltypes of hearing loss, and recognizing the signs of a moreserious auditory or vestibular (balance) related problem.2. A bargain is only a bargain when it is the same product(same warranty, etc) at a lower price. FACT: The clubwarehouses do not sell top tier manufacturers. Rather theysell a company that is affiliated with a top tier manufacturer.They are not the same. Beware of flashy marketing, or salespeople that mention the top tier name, not the actualmanufacturer. Their hearing aids cost less for a reason- thetechnology is less superior.
  2. 2. 3. A hearing aid (at any cost) is worthless if it is notprogrammed correctly. A hearing aid is like a miniaturecomputer that is programmed specifically to a patients hearingloss, previous amplification experience, age, and ear canalcharacteristics. Part of the cost of hearing aids is the expertiseof the person (audiologist or dispenser) setting yourinstruments. I’ve recently “re-fit” several hearing aidspurchased elsewhere because they were set or fit improperly.Audiology Concepts uses state of the art verification equipmentto ensure you have the hearing you paid for.4. Physician trusted professionals. Physicians refer theirpatients, family, friends and themselves to AudiologyConcepts! They know we have all their patients’ best interestin mind. Physicians do not refer their patients to bulk retailstores, period.5. Service. Unfortunately many new hearing aid users don’tunderstand how important the service part of a hearing aidpurchase is. Its all the little things we do to go above andbeyond. At Audiology Concepts we do these things because wecare, not because our corporate manager told us to.Sometimes it’s the smallest things that make the biggestdifference. Here’s just a few of the services we provide thatyou wont find in the large retail stores: loaner hearing aids(for instruments in repair), a pay it forward program, trade inoptions, demo hearing aids and accessories, complimentaryinsurance coverage check and claim submissions.In today’s market consumers are bombarded with so manybuying decisions. While its smart to “shop around” for the bestdeal, its also imperative that you understand what you are
  3. 3. losing at a big box warehouse compared to a medical basedaudiology clinic like Audiology Concepts.This was Used with Permission—Original Article For More Information, Call Austin Hearing Services At: (512) 851-0847 Or Visit Us At: