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Unitron Passport Hearing Aids Austin TX


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Unitron Passport Hearing Aids Austin TX

  1. 1. Unitron Passport Unitron is an innovative and technology driven company which produces a broad range of advanced hearing aids. They have been in operation for almost half a century and well known for their commitment toproduct quality and the advanced features on all their products.The Unitron Passport is no exception to this as you’ll soon see.The Unitron Passport hearing device is considered to be apremium product in the Unitron family of products. But simplyput it utilizes advanced technology to enable its users to achievesignificantly better hearing. The unit really shows its benefits inthe challenging audio environments.One of the most difficult problems for hearing aids is to be able todiscriminate between conversation and background noise. This isespecially true in a noisy environment like outdoor or indoorsocial settings with many people. The Unitron Passport has thefeatures and ability to discern the conversations to focus on andminimize the background noise which would otherwise makefollowing a normal conversation next to impossible.The product also has a number of other key features. Forexample it can automatically match the hearing instrumentsettings to the surroundings. This saves you from always havingto make manual adjustments.And the smartFocus feature allows you to achieve optimumresults and fine tune the response of the instrument quickly,easily and most effectively. It is incredibly flexible and works nomatter what the environment and challenge.
  2. 2. And the unit can connect with a variety of wireless devicesdirectly. This means that you can listen to your TV, cellphone, orMP3 player without using the internal speakers. Or if you arewatching a program with other people, they can set the internalspeakers to fit their listening preferences while you can adjust thevolume in your Unitron Passport to provide you with the bestlistening experience.It’s a wonderful way to achieve the best listening experiencesfrom these devices and avoids many of the problems experiencedwith earlier hearing aids. The Passport provides ideal listeningexperiences for quiet conversations as well as situations whereyou want to carry on a conversation in an otherwise noisyenvironment.The unit also automatically adjusts if there is an abrupt change insound level around you. And it’s wonderful for listening to musicand truly enjoying the richness and fidelity of the wholeexperience.The capabilities of the Passport to connect wirelessly with a widevariety of products opens up many options for a great listeningexperience. Hear music and audio from these devices the waythey were meant to be heard. Go with the Unitron Passport andsee for yourself what a full featured and advanced hearinginstrument can do.Word Count: 448Keyword: Unitron PassportDescription: Unitron is an innovative and technology drivencompany which produces a broad range of advanced hearing aids.They have been in operation for almost half a century and well
  3. 3. known for their commitment to product quality and the advancedfeatures on all their products. The Unitron Passport is noexception to this as you’ll soon see.For More Information, Call Austin Hearing Services At: (512) 851- 0847 Or Visit Us At: