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June 2012 Wearing Two Aids


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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June 2012 Wearing Two Aids

  1. 1. Wearing Two Aids Wearing two aids is reported to provide a much better listening experience when the hearing loss is two sided. Several advantages exist when wearing two aids. Some of these include: better listening in noisy or reverberant listening environments. Binaural fitting lessens issues with the natural “head shadow” effect. Without amplification, most listeners will turn their better ear toward the conversation.However, in larger group environments, it is not always possible to turn yourear to the sound source. The head “shadows” the sound from being receivedin full by the ear furthest from the source of sound. Without amplification incases like this when the head is shadowing the better ear it is very difficultand stressful to hear.Binaural fittings also improve the signal-to-noise ratio. This is a fancy way ofsaying that the speech you want to hear is kept louder than the backgroundnoise. When using 2 ears, the signal to noise ratio is improved as much as2-3 decibels (dB). When you consider that 3 dB is actually a full doubling ofsound, this is a hefty improvement by adding only one more hearinginstrument! This is very helpful for those who are struggling in noisybackground situations. Having this boosting of the speech signal canincrease speech comprehension drastically! Austin Hearing Services, Inc 6805 N Capital of Texas Highway, Austin, TX 78731 (512) 851-0847