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Hearing Aids - Atlanta GA


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1713 Mt. Vernon Road, Suite #3 Atlanta GA 30338 (770) 574-4819

Widex CLEAR hearing aids and DEX accessories allow you to hear what you have been missing.

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Hearing Aids - Atlanta GA

  1. 1. (478)
  2. 2. Widex Hearing Aids: On aCLEAR Day, You Can Hear Forever
  3. 3. If you experience difficulty understandingconversation despite the use of hearing aids.
  4. 4. This past year, Widex introduced CLEAR devicesthat communicate with each other instantly using wireless technology.
  5. 5. CLEAR helps you better determine which directionsounds are coming from and has an alarm system that alerts you should the wireless connection be lost.
  6. 6. It features a unique microphone cover than helps eliminate unwanted wind noise.
  7. 7. These devices can be used in conjunction with theadvanced wireless DEX accessories which stream audio input directly from your television, cell phone, or music devices such as iPods and MP3 players.
  8. 8. The DEX device for the television allows you tolisten at a louder level while others can listen at levels comfortable to them.
  9. 9. Widex CLEAR hearing aids and DEX accessoriesallow you to hear what you have been missing.
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