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Healing the children


Published on The task of choosing the right hearing aid for your hearing loss can seem daunting. There are many manufacturers and many different features.

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Healing the children

  1. 1. National VolunteerOrganization Helps Children Hear
  2. 2. Alejandra was born in northernGuatemala, just onehour from the famousMayan ruins of Tikal. She was the first daughter born to a poor family.
  3. 3. Her father made only five dollars aday working as a delivery driver fora local lumber mill while her mother worked as an aid at a local elementary school.
  4. 4. Alejandra’s family soon realized thattheir baby had a problem. She didn’t cry when the loud sound of a backfiring bus sounded in the night or wake up from noisy firecrackers during festivals in the village.
  5. 5. They saw an ear specialist who tested young Alejandra. Theresults confirmed their worst fear. Alejandra was deaf.
  6. 6. Several years later, Alejandra’s aunt heard a radio announcement.American doctors werecoming to help children with ear and hearingproblems. Perhaps they could help Alejandra.
  7. 7. After a medicalexamination, Alejandra had a hearing evaluation. Theaudiologist happily told her parents that, although Alejandra had a severehearing loss, she could be helped with hearing aids.
  8. 8. Alejandra was fitted with her first hearing aid by a group of medical professionals fromHealing the Children in Seattle, Washington. She now wears two hearing aids and haslearned to understand some speech sounds to augment the sign language that she has been taught.
  9. 9. Audiologists with Healing the Children have been working in Guatemala for the last seven years. They serve in seven differenttowns and villages in Guatemala and have fit over 1200 children with hearing aids.
  10. 10. If you’d like to help this great organization to continue their mission in Guatemala andmake sure that others like Alejandra receive the gift of hearing, please visit the Healing the Children website at