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The New Miniature BTE

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The New Miniature BTE

  1. 1. The New Miniature BTE Just a few short years ago, behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids were not the style of choice for those who require hearing aids. In fact, less than 20% 1 of people who wore hearing aids prior to 2000 chose the behind-the-ear style. Who could blame them? The old-style BTE’s were large, bulky and not very aesthetically pleasing. These issues enhanced the stigma that hearing loss is an old-person’s ailment and a handicap. Technological advancementshave improved the number of BTE wearers to more than 60%, 2and with better, smaller choices, surveys indicate that morepeople with mild hearing losses are now benefiting from BTEhearing aids1.Along with a smaller case size, today’s behind-the-ear hearingaids are more stylish and functionally versatile. The firstminiature BTE wasn’t much to look at with very few case colorchoices. Although it was smaller than its ancestors, it was verylimited in terms of its offerings for user controls.In other words, it had very few “bells and whistles”. Though itwas smaller, the functionality limited how the wearer couldmanipulate sound in the environment. As the number ofmanufacturers offering miniature BTE’s increased and the types
  2. 2. of technology and sound processing available in the hearing aidsexpanded, satisfaction with the BTE improved.In fact, overall satisfaction ratings are significantly higher (85%vs 76%) than traditional custom styles, even though there are nosignificant differences in perceived benefit or value1.With technological advancements, behind-the-ear hearing aidsare an exceptional choice for nearly anyone, regardless of thedegree or configuration of hearing loss. If you are experiencinghearing loss or currently wear hearing aids, talk to youraudiologist about the new mini BTE to see if it is a good option foryou.1 Kochkin S: MarkeTrak VIII Mini-BTEs tap new market,usersmore satisfied. Hear J 2011:64(11):17-242 Kirkwood D: Resilient hearing aid industry records rising salesdespite a troubled economy. Hear J 2009;62(12):11-16. For More Information on Hearing Aid Forum, Call North Shore Audio-Vestibular Lab At: (847) 737-4270 Or Visit Us At: