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Phs fall-winter 07

  1. 1. Jeanne M. Ward, Melissa L. Hopkins, Au.D. A Newsletter Service of Premium Hearing Solutions Au.D. Doctor of Audiology Doctor of Audiology PREMIUM HEARING SOLUTIONS FALL/WINTER 2007 NOT YOUR GRANDFATHER’S HEARING AID ANYMORE... We have seen many improvements in activated by the magnetic loop that the program in the hearing aid, we can hearing aid technology just in the past is in handset of every hearing aid provide you with small magnets for few years. As you may know, hearing compatible phone. When the your handset that will allow you aids are becoming mini-computers, hearing aid detects this to easily use the automatic functioning automatically to adjust to magnetic energy, it phone setting. Just like the noise in the environment to keep activates the telephone the other programs in speech clear and comfortable. settings immediately. the hearing aid, the Included in the automatic functioning Although this design is telephone setting are automatic telephone programs, intended to eliminate the need can be adjusted for allowing people to simply hold the for a manual telephone setting, there loudness, clarity telephone up to their hearing aid and is still a switch on the hearing aid that and comfort. This instantly hear clearly and comfortably can be used to access the telephone feature is avail- without encountering annoying program, just in case the magnetic able in hearing aids whistling or pushing a button and energy in the telephone is not strong of all sizes from waiting for the telephone settings to enough to activate the program in the small, canal size be activated. hearing aid. If you find the instruments, to the magnetic loop in your behind-the-ear models. Sound too good to be true? It’s not! telephone does not seem Just another way “We The automatic telephone program is strong enough to activate make listening easier.” NEW LOOK, SAME GREAT PLACE! Welcome to our 1st edition of the new and IN THIS ISSUE improved “Hear, Here” newsletter. Not Grandfather’s Hearing Aid .............. 1 Our little office has grown tremendously, and to Oticon Epoq .................................................. 2 keep up with all the great new happenings, expansion Someone Like You ...................................... 2 was necessary! We will now have more space to keep you all informed on hearing issues, hearing technologies, and the staff at PHS. Awareness/Rehab Classes ....................... 2 Leading the Horse to Water .................... 3 We hope you enjoy our new look as you read about the latest developments Tech Corner ................................................... 3 in hearing improvements. Holiday Hours ............................................... 3 Mission Statement: Premium Hearing Solutions is dedicated to becoming a trusted ally with Hearing Aid Tax Credit Act ....................... 4 each and every patient who seeks our services. In order to obtain the trust of our patients, we place a high priority on ethics, patient education, and outstanding service. The “team” approach Laughter is the Best Medicine ................ 4 between the patient, family and Doctor of Audiology is emphasized. PAGE 1
  2. 2. WHAT’S NEW: Oticon Epoq, Experience the WIRELESS difference... The newest breakthrough in hearing and computers. Conventional technology, the Oticon Epoq, offers clear instruments don’t provide optimal and direct access to cell phones, mp3 access to all these types of sounds – but players and other Bluetooth devices. In Epoq does. One of Epoq’s strongest addition, Epoq hearing devices talk to features is each instrument’s ability to each other wirelessly at broadband communicate wirelessly with the other speed, offering a sensational sound instrument to help people localize experience. How does it work? A where sounds are coming from. In this person’s ‘sound scape’ is divided into way, two Epoq devices work together in the’“near” world or the “far” world. ”‘The much the same way as the brain works near world is about speech and relevant with the ears. If a sound is stronger on background sounds, while the‘‘far” world the one side, the devices will detect this encompasses the sounds we receive and maintain the difference in intensity. Epoq - small and cosmetic through modern communication This way you’ll be better able to locate devices such as cell phones, mp3 players whether the sound is coming from the back or the front, or from the left or the right. Such brainy behavior is the result SOMEONE LIKE YOU! of a revolutionary new processing platform. Incorporating EarStream processing, a proprietary short range digital wireless system, this platform enables Epoq devices to transfer data between each other at a rate of 120,000 bits per second. That’s approximately 100 times faster than the best processing in the industry to date! The benefit is more accurate, stereophonic sound pictures. Florence Holiday Dear Dr. Hopkins, Call our office for a complimentary in- Epoq aids with bluetooth streamer office demonstration and in-home loan. I just LOVE my new hearing aids! They truely are the most marvelous things! They allow me to hear like a person with perfect hearing! Because they are so NEW: Hearing Loss Awareness/Rehabilitation Classes COMFORTABLE to wear, I have to keep getting up when I go to bed at night to Even a mild hearing loss can hinder daily communication. Learning more about issues take them off! The other day I almost related to hearing loss can lead to empowerment and an improved quality of life. walked into the shower with them on! Informative and fun, this series of six, one-hour programs will deal with the following You gave me such WONDERFUL help - topics: and I am so grateful! Thank you ever so • Understanding Hearing Loss – defining hearing loss and understanding test results much. • Hearing Aids – Realistic expectations, caring for and getting the most out of yours Florence Holiday, age 81 • Coping Strategies (part one) – Factors affecting communication/understanding • Coping Strategies (part two) – Discussion of various listening situations • Assistive Technology – hands on demo of help beyond hearing aids • Resources – where to find support and speech reading help. Hearing Aid Financing Instructor Liz Kobylak, a new PHS staff member, has severe to Hearing aid financing is available profound hearing loss and has taught hearing loss rehab classes in affordable monthly payments and speech reading since 1999. She is a recent cochlear implant as well as no-interest financing! recipient. Feel free to ask anyone at PHS for more information. Want to join the fun? Call our office to find out when the next session begins! Liz Kobylak PAGE 2
  3. 3. LEADING THE HORSE TO WATER TECH CORNER After 8 years of business (hard to believe it has been that long!), we have heard every By now, many of excuse possible for not wanting to wear hearing aids. If you have a spouse or parent you have met Tim with a loss, we bet you’ve heard some of them, too. And in fairness, some of the excuses Kennedy, our were valid ~ at least until now. very skilled Audiology You may have already heard of the new “micro” style behind-the-ear devices. They are Assistant. He has very small, and can barely be seen when worn. And oh-so-comfy! They reduce been a member Tim Kennedy background noise, improve speech understanding without making everything louder, of the PHS family and best of all, they are fully automatic. No more pushing buttons, using a remote for almost 2 years. control, or changing the volume control. These hearing aids are truly amazing, and we Tim has become very proficient in all guarantee you will love them as much as we do. areas of hearing aid work; from computer programming to making ear impressions to in-office repairs and hearing retesting. OLD EXCUSE NEW REALITY He is very knowledgable when it comes Are too big Are practically invisible to assistive devices outside of hearing aids; things like infra-red TV systems and Don’t help in Noise Have ‘speech finders’ that can locate speech in a amplified telephones. noisy environment and boost it Hate sound of own voice Have ‘open ear’ fitting, allowing for natural voice In addition to Tim quality and comfortable fits K e n n e d y , Can’t hear on phone Have auto telephone settings or blue tooth Elizabeth (“Liz”) compatibility for cell phone users Koblyak is currently training Annoying “whistling” Has anti-feedback circuits to reduce whistling to be another audiology assistant. Even Liz Kobylak though Liz is technically in training, she already has extensive background in hearing issues since she has had hearing loss for almost 30 years. She will be heading up our new rehabilitation/counseling classes. Tim and Liz are at PHS to handle all routine hearing aid checks and problems. If you are having a minor issue with your hearing aids, or no problem at all and only need a clean and check, please schedule your appointment with Tim or What’s stopping you? Make your complimentary appointment to check them out today! Liz. Thank you! Holidays are Here Once Again! In keeping with the spirit of being with family and friends during the holiday season, our office will be closed on the following days: Thanksgiving - November 22 and 23 Christmas - December 24 through January 1 Reopen - January 2 at 9:00 a.m. We will be checking voice mail and emails through these closures, so if needed, please leave us a message and we will get back with you as soon as possible. Don’t forget to schedule your final check and clean before we close! And have a safe and blessed holiday season. PAGE 3
  4. 4. HEARING AID TAX CREDIT ACT On May 15, 2007, the Hearing Aid tax credit for seniors age 55 or older, and Laughter is Assistance Tax Credit Acts were dependent children, every five years. the Best Medicine introduced in the US House of Representatives and the US Senate. Sen. Coleman has championed the tax Representatives of the Hearing credit legislation in the last two Industries Association (HIA) Congresses. Addressing HIA were on Capitol Hill as part of members, he said, “It takes a HIA’s biennial “hearing on the little time in Washington to Hill” assemblage. They get things done. The key to applauded the introduction of success is often just staying at the bill, and lobby members of the table.” He told the story Congress, who supported the of his father’s hearing loss and In Sunday class one day, the legislation. success with hearing aids, teacher was talking about Noah underscoring the importance and the flood. One student Representatives Carolyn of treating hearing loss and raised his hand and asked, “Do McCarthy (D-NY ) and Vern reinforcing the importance of you think Noah did lots of Ehlers (R-MI) introduced HR 2329, and the tax credit for hearing aid purchases. fishing while on the boat?” Senator Norm Coleman (R-MN) He emphasized, “In America, there Before the teacher could introduced the companion bill, S1410. shouldn’t be a financial threshold for you answer, another kid said, “How The bills propose a $500 per hearing aid to have the ability to hear.” could he with only 2 worms?!?” - Info provided by Advance for Audiologists, August 2007 Submitted by What can you do to further the cause? Contact your electorial legislators in Washington, D.C. Patient Robert Clark and urge them to support the Tax Credit Act as a sponsor. Without enough sponsors, the Tax Madison Heights Credit Act will not become a law. 555 West 14 Mile Road, Ste. 2-A Clawson, Michigan 48017 HOURS: Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m We are also available early mornings, evenings and weekends; just ask and we can set up an appointment. Most hearing aid insurance plans accepted. Phone: 248-435-6811 Fax: 248-435-6855 PAGE 4