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Untreated Hearing Loss The True Cost


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Untreated Hearing Loss The True Cost

  1. 1. Call Today (530) 419-1256Visit Our
  2. 2. Untreated Hearing Loss The True Cost (530)
  3. 3. Untreated hearing loss has seriousemotional and social consequences for people, according to the National Council on Aging. (530) 419-1256
  4. 4. People with untreated hearing loss reported:Less likely to participate in organized social activities More likely to feel worried and anxious (530) 419-1256
  5. 5. Greater tendency to feel insecure, irritable, or tenseMore stressful relationships with family Increased levels of paranoia (530) 419-1256
  6. 6. A perception that “other people get angry at me for no reason.” Social isolation (530) 419-1256
  7. 7. In summary, the quality of their lives wascompromised significantly by not getting help for their hearing loss. (530) 419-1256
  8. 8. People who had been fitted with hearing aids were shown to have better relationships with their families, better feelings aboutthemselves, improved mental health and greater independence and security. (530) 419-1256
  9. 9. Most hearing-impaired people not using hearing aids think they don’t need them or can get by without them. (530) 419-1256
  10. 10. If you are coming to termswith a hearing loss, it is time for you to confront yourself.Get support from your family. (530) 419-1256
  11. 11. Call Today (530) 419-1256Visit Our